Black Women Still Attempting To Dick Police Black Men

Black Women Still Attempting To Dick Police Black Men

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Whenever black women talk about not being concerned with black men’s dating preferences, they are talking out of their dirty behinds, as I’ve stated in Negro Wars black women as a group are prolific liars who rarely if ever tell the truth. Once again we have another case of black women hating on a black man for expanding upon his dating options. Yet, when these black harridans choose to “swirl”, we as black men are to expected to congratulate them upon their “success”, the blatant hypocrisy is very real and continues, Serena Williams and her sister Venus anybody.

As far as I am concerned at this point any opinions black women have in relation to who black men choose to date and marry are irrelevant since they themselves decided long ago that for them alone feminism and fatherless home welfare policies were better paths to embark upon. As…

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