Women see more workplace rudeness from other women than from men: UA study

Women experience more uncivil and rude behavior from other women than men in the workplace, according to a study by the University of Arizona.

“Studies show women report more incivility experiences overall than men, but we wanted to find out who was targeting women with rude remarks,” said Allison Gabriel, assistant professor of management and organizations in the University of Arizona’s Eller College of Management.

While men are behind the vast majority of sexual harassment, Gabriel and other UA researchers found women experience more incivility at work from other women.

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“Across the three studies, we found consistent evidence that women reported higher levels of incivility from other women than their male counterparts,” Gabriel said. “In other words, women are ruder to each other than they are to men, or than men are to women.”

Researchers from Southern Methodist University, Indiana University and the University of Iowa also were part of the studies, which surveyed men and women about workplace interactions.

Gabriel said the research shows employers can lose female employees who are bullied or mistreated at work. The researchers found workplace incivility can cost employers an estimated $14,000 per employee.

Poor workplace culture results in higher turnover rates, which drives up costs for finding and training new workers and can result in legal claims if the mistreatment also runs a foul of discrimination and other laws.

But Gabriel also said the research shows women that go against some traditional gender stereotypes, such as being assertive or opinionated, are on receiving end of unfriendly treatment, in particular from other women, according to interviews.

“Organizations should make sure they also send signals that the ideas and opinions of all employees are valued,” Gabriel said. “And that supporting others is crucial for business success — that is, acting assertively should not be viewed negatively, but as a positive way for employees to voice concerns and speak up.”


Sharia YouTube suspends Canadian anti-terror expert, leaves up Muslim Brotherhood videos

“It seems strange that YouTube and others attack free speech advocates, but yet they allow videos by individuals such as Yusuf Qaradawi who is the chief inspirational cleric of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Strange indeed, but one thing you can say about all the social media giants as they act ever more energetically to shut down all dissent from the far-Left agenda: they’re consistent. They never miss a trick in allowing for the most hateful pro-Sharia preaching, but shutting down those who oppose jihad terror.


“FUREY: YouTube suspends Canadian anti-terror expert,” by Anthony Furey, Toronto Sun, April 8, 2018:

Canadian intelligence expert Tom Quiggin has quite the resume. He’s worked with the RCMP, Canadian Armed Forces, the UN Protection Force in Yugoslavia, to name but a few. He’s testified before the Senate and at the Air India Inquiry. He was even an arms control inspector in Europe.

Yet, these extensive qualifications apparently aren’t enough for YouTube, which removed Quiggin’s new podcast from its platform before he even posted the first episode.

On Feb. 24, a trailer for The Quiggin Report — running less than a minute — was posted to the video platform now run by Google. All it shows is the logo of the show and snippets of audio referencing extremism and political correctness. Hardly controversial content.

Yet by March 1, Quiggin and his producers were unable to access their accounts – both on YouTube and the Gmail account they’d been using for the show.

They then received a message stating: “Your access to this Google product has been suspended because of a perceived violation of either the Google Terms of Service or product-specific Terms of Service.”

After appealing the suspension they were soon told: “We have decided to keep your account suspended based on our Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.” They were never informed what actual guidelines or terms they’d violated.

“We really are at a loss to explain how a 44-second trailer can get you banned, but we believe that simply using the term “free speech” in conjunction with security, extremism and terrorism can trigger progressives,” Quiggin told me via e-mail.

A long-time media commentator, Quiggin has been a guest speaker at a number of conferences and regular discusses intelligence matters on National Post Radio, the SiriusXM Canada morning show that I host.

Quiggin’s a determined observer and critic of radical Islam, working alongside a handful of Canadian Muslims who want to expose the extreme elements they wish to eradicate from their faith.

A fundraising page describes the new podcast as giving “behind-the-scenes insight into the world of intelligence and how Western governments deal with the growing phenomenon of extremist groups gaining influence within Western governments.”

He certainly doesn’t mince words in this regard, repeatedly drawing attention to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s habit of being soft on terror. Was it this sort of talk that got his podcast banned before his team even had the chance to post the first episode? We just don’t know. Google Press did not respond to Postmedia questions before deadline.

As for Quiggin, he sees a double standard. “It seems strange that YouTube and others attack free speech advocates, but yet they allow videos by individuals such as Yusuf Qaradawi who is the chief inspirational cleric of the Muslim Brotherhood,” he wrote….



Boston Marathon allows male ‘transgender’ runners to compete as women

BOSTON, Massachusetts, April 9, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – The annual Boston Marathon begins on Monday, April 16, but this year the event comes with a dose of transgender politics.

At least five men who openly identify as women are slated to compete next week, and will be recognized under their “gender identity” rather than their biological sex, the Associated Press reports.

“We take people at their word. We register people as they specify themselves to be,” Boston Athletic Association head Tom Grilk said. “Members of the LGBT community have had a lot to deal with over the years, and we’d rather not add to that burden.” He added that there was little debate over the decision within the organization.

The Boston Athletic Association clarified to NPR that while this is how the marathon will operate in practice, it has no written policy that specifically addresses transgendered runners.

“We don’t require that runners outline their gender identity history with us, so we can’t say for certain how many trans runners are in our race,” it said in a statement. “We do know that we have had several transgender runners in the past.”

The marathon will require registrants to provide a government-issued ID, which it compares to their “qualification-associated gender description,” but suggested that they will err on the side of deferring to transgender runners in case of potential conflicts. “Should such a situation arise, we would make every effort to address it in a manner intended to be fair to all concerned, with a strong emphasis on inclusion,” the BAA said.

The issue came to the fore after a March 30 article in Canadian Running magazine sparked debate by highlighting Amelia Gapin, Grace Fisher, and Stevie Romer, three men identifying as women who qualified to compete in this year’s event.

Gapin, who has undergone sex-reassignment surgery, says that taking testosterone blockers during “her” transition had a negative impact on her speed for which she had to compensate through years of training, undermining the argument that trans “women” have an unfair advantage over biological women. Dr. Alex Keuroghlian of the pro-LGBT Fenway Institute calls the argument that there’s any “physiologic advantage to being assigned male at birth” a “myth.”

However, Washington University School of Medicine endocrinologist Dr. Paul Hruztold Fox News’ Laura Ingraham in August that hormones were just one of several biological factors that do influence athletic differences between the sexes.

“The study of individuals that have had artificial manipulation of their hormone levels — and how that influences, long term, their performance in athletics and other areas — really is largely unknown, and that includes the imprinting that occurs at the genetic level in every cell and every tissue in the body,” Dr. Hruz said. “And many of these changes are not accounted for by the hormones alone.”

During the segment, they discussed the International Olympic Committee’s decision to allow men identifying as women to compete against women in the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, provided their testosterone levels remained within certain parameters. Dr. Hruz called the decision’s logic “questionable,” because “there are many other components of being a man or a woman. And so, if you take a male and you suppress their testosterone and give them estrogen, they really, from a biological standpoint … are still … feminized males rather than true females.”

Boston’s is not the only marathon to recognize transgender runners’ preferred “gender identities”; the AP notes that Chicago, London, Los Angeles, and New York City marathon organizers have made similar decisions, using similar logic.

Chicago Marathon executive race director Carey Pinkowski said their event would not require “legal or medical records or anything along those lines,” because they wanted to be “inclusive and sensitive” to all participants.