High school ‘robot athletes’ compete at BCIT in advance of VEX Robotics World Championships

“Like Meccano, with motors and brains” — that’s BCIT instructor Jason Brett describing the two robots competing on a field in front of him.

Built and programmed using VEX technology by teams of high school students, the robots are attempting to stack coloured cones and move goals over obstacles to score points. The team that accumulates the most points in two minutes will be declared the winner.

As one of the robots tries to pick up a cone, it becomes lodged between the machine’s wheels. The robot rocks back-and-forth, then topples over, giving the opposing team an easy victory.

The match was one of hundreds that took place Saturday at the B.C. Institute of Technology as 250 high school students from across B.C. competed in a tournament organized by the Pacific Youth Robotics Society.

Ten B.C. teams, including Jacob Walter and Theo Lemay, will be travelling to Kentucky for the VEX Robotics World Championships later this month.

High school 'robot athletes' compete at BCIT in advance of VEX Robotics World Championships

They Only Want Thugs – Yet More Evidence Brought Forward

They Only Want Thugs – Yet More Evidence Brought Forward

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