Contentious Durham Live casino could create 10,000 jobs in Pickering

Pickering is betting on a new casino that could create 10,000 jobs in Toronto’s neighbouring municipality to the east.

The Ontario Gaming GTA LP announced Tuesday its plans for the gambling complex, Durham Live, which would incorporate film studios, a water park, a hotel and convention spaces.

The complex is expected to be built near Hwy. 401 in Pickering near the Ajax border.


They are applying for permits with the hopes of opening the new facility in 2019, which could generate $625 million in annual tax revenues.

“We are thrilled to invest the casino revenues back into our greater community,” said Pickering Mayor Dave Ryan.


“Pickering will share up to 30% of its revenues with the Region of Durham, and we suggest that a portion of these funds be earmarked for social housing in order to secure matching funding from the senior levels of government.”

Ryan suggests sharing up to 2% of revenues with the local quarter-horse industry, but that the city needs to meet with industry representatives first “to better understand their needs.”

Ontario Gaming GTA LP, which has been selected to run casinos in the GTA, said under the plan, Casino Ajax will close and those jobs would be transferred to the Pickering facility.

Montreal mother told daughter doesn’t count as 2nd passenger in carpool lane

A mother from Montreal’s West Island plans to contest a $169 traffic ticket she was given for driving in a lane reserved for buses, taxis and carpools with her daughter.

Stéphanie Émond was driving on Sources Boulevard with her nine-year-old daughter, and was heading back to the West Island to pick up her son from school when she was pulled over.

“I showed the police officer, ‘Look, my daughter is here with me in the back,’ and she told me that the passenger needs to have a driver’s licence.”

“I was surprised with the cop, when she saw my daughter, that she still issued a ticket,” Émond told CBC News. “The police officer was really sure [of] what she was telling me.”

Transports Québec and Montreal police did not return a request for comment.

A spokesperson for Transports Québec, however, is quoted on the CAA-Quebec website as saying there is no age requirement for carpooling.

“In fact, a parent taking a child to daycare is assumed to be carpooling,” Transports Québec spokesperson Solène Lemay is quoted as saying on the website.

Émond said she will contest the ticket, and hopes her experience clarifies the rules for others.

Canada: Niagara Muslim Family conference keynote speaker views Jews as “monkeys, pigs, aggressors and filth”

Since when is it acceptable in Canada to refer to a race of people in such terms as this?

“O Allah, liberate Al Aqsa Mosque from the filth of the Jews the aggressors”

“O Allah give victory to the Mujahideen [Muslims fighters in the path of Allah] around the world. O Allah, liberate Al-Aqsa Mosque from the filth of the Jews, the monkeys, the pigs”

“O Allah, the Jews have gone astray and therefore show us the wonders of Your might and ability inflicted upon them”

An Egyptian Islamic theologian and professor, Omar AbdulKafi, is the confirmed speaker at an upcoming Niagara Muslim Family Conference, and according to the American Center for Democracy, the expressions above are “excerpts from Sh. Omar AbdulKafi posts on Facebook (originally in Arabic).” Organizers of the conference declared with excitement: “Our Keynote speaker will be Sh. Omar AbdulKafi!

If Canada is true to its claim to be diverse, multicultural, accepting, and tolerant, then it is telling that the groups identified below are attending this event where the keynote speaker views Jews as “monkeys, pigs, aggressors and filth.” Where is the Canadian media in reporting on this? There should be an outcry from all Jewish groups and from anyone who values human rights.

Most troubling is that many of these Muslim groups to which the confirmed speakers belong have been identified as “unindicted co-conspirators” in terror-related cases, linked to the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) group Hamas.

Once the MB is declared a terrorist group in the U.S. and other Western countries, as it should be, the words “tolerance” and “diversity” will begin to have meaning. Instead, the West allows affiliates of the MB to stealthily advance its supremacist agenda: hatred, intolerance, and demands for special treatment for Muslims. The motto of the MB is:

Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. Qur’an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope

The Muslim Brotherhood is even deemed to be a terrorist organization in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, but Western leaders and media remain terrified of the MB and its branding as “Islamophobe” and “racist” anyone who shines light on the truth about its agenda and motives; yet these facts are well documented.


Egyptian Omar AbdulKafi confirmed keynote speaker at Niagara Muslim Family conference,” American Center for Democracy, April 2, 2018:

The Muslim Family conference will take place on April 14, 2018 at Scotiabank Convention Centre 6815 Stanlry Ave, Niagara Falls, Ontario.

According to the organizers the list of “confirmed speakers” at the event includes:

Sh. Abdullah Hakim Quick, senior lecturer at the Islamic Institute of Toronto, [Vice-President of teh Canadian Council of Imams]
Sh. Alaa Elsayed, Director of Religious Affairs at ISNA Canada
Sh. Musleh Khan, lecturer and Khateeb [imam] at the Islamic Institute of Toronto, [Toronto Police Muslim Chaplain]
Sr. Amira Elghawaby, human rights advocatee [sic], journalist, [Director of Communications of the National Council of Canadian Muslims]
Sh. Mustafa Khattab, Imam of the Anatolia Islamic Centre
Sh. Hosam Helal, Imam of Islamic Society of St. Catharines
Sr. Samiya Ahmed, community activist
Sh. Aarij Anwer, Imam of Khalid Bin Walid Mosque
Sh. Ibrahim Hindy, Imam of Dar-Tawheed Masjid
Sh. Yousuf Wahb, Imam of Rose City Islamic Center
Sh. Mohammed Refaat, Imam of Al-Abrar Muslim Association
Aisha Khaja, host of the Quran Speak
Sh. Khalid Gebril, Imam of Masjid Assalam
Br. Mamoun S. Hassan, Executive Producer at Let the Quran Speak
The keynote speaker is Egyptian Sh. Omar AbdulKafi. On March 31, 2018 the organizers posted the following:

“Our Keynote speaker will be Sh. Omar AbdulKafi! Omar Abd al-Kafi (Arabic: عمر عبد الكافي‎) (born 1951) is an Egyptian writer, professor, Islamic theologian, and manager of (Dubai International Holy Quran Award Islamic Studies Center). He is famous in the Arab world. He wrote many Islamic books, he also made more than 3000 sound lectures and hundreds of TV lectures since the 1970s.”

The following are excerpts from Sh. Omar AbdulKafi posts on Facebook (originally in Arabic):

July 21, 2017 – “O Allah, the Jews have gone astray and therefore show us the wonders of Your might and ability inflicted upon them.”

November 20, 2016 – “O Allah, liberate Al Aqsa Mosque from the filth of the Jews the aggressors.”

December 11, 2017 – “O Allah, we complain to you about the Jews, as they can not escape you, O the mighty of the heavens and the earth. O Allah, count their number; slay them one by one and spare not one of them… Liberate Al Aqsa Mosque from the filth of Jews the aggressors…”

October 10, 2015 – “O Allah, give them victory over the Jews the aggressors… O Allah, let them hit their targets and show us actions against the Jews that will satisfy our breasts [meaning make us content].”

September 19, 2015 – “O Allah, our people in Gaza are oppressed, so help them, and anguished, so bring them relief. O Allah, humiliate the Jews everywhere, destroy them with their plans and kill them with their weapons.”

September 13, 2015 – Al-Aqsa Mosque. Allah is sufficient for me, Most Excellent is He in whom I trust. O Allah, give victory (support) to the third holiest site [in Islam, meaning Al-Aqsa Mosque] and the first qibla in [Islam, meaning Al-Aqsa Mosque]. O Allah, destroy the Zionists. O Allah, protect our people in Palestine. O Allah, take revenge of the Jews and their assistants. O Allah, we ask you to give us victory soon…”

July 14, 2014 – “…O Allah give victory to the Mujahideen [Muslims fighters in the path of Allah] around the world. O Allah, liberate Al-Aqsa Mosque from the filth of the Jews, the monkeys, the pigs…”……