Black Women And Their Unrealistic Expectations/The Bureaucratic Black Female – Part 2

Black Women And Their Unrealistic Expectations/The Bureaucratic Black Female – Part 2

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The following conversation took place between the black woman above who goes by the name of Njyia Shelton and a pro black simp. Her comments are in blue, the pro black simp’s in grey. I will be giving my commentary and breakdown every so often, enjoy.

The pro black simp is right, it is homosexuals and feminists who have destroyed black society and black women are at the root of both of these groups, they subscribe to feminism and they equally indulge in, create, welcome and embrace homosexuals and lesbians into black communities. Remember this article I wrote back in February of this year that went semi viral with over 10k shares:

I have to laugh whenever black women ask black men the question of what they are doing for the black community knowing full well that black women themselves have been given the specific task…

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Anti-Semitic hate mail target synagogues in Toronto and Montreal

Members of at least three Canadian synagogues, one in Toronto and two in Montreal, are in shock after receiving anti-Semitic hate mail on Monday.

According to B’nai Brith Canada, the Beth Ora and Shaare Zedek synagogues in Montreal and the Adath Israel Congregation in Toronto all received a letter they said resembled Nazi propaganda.

The letter contained the phrase “Jewry Must Perish” with a bleeding Star of David and a swastika at the centre.


“At this holy time for Jews and Christians alike, we are reminded that we are members of one community, striving for the preservation of truth and freedom,” said Rabbi Alan W. Bright of Shaare Zedek in a media release.

“Vile acts of this nature should never divide us. Rather, they should serve to remind us that we be steadfast in our convictions, consistent in our commitment and courageous in our endeavours to make Canada and the world a better place in which to live.”

B’nai Brith said both Montreal and Toronto police have launched investigations.

Anti-Semitic hate mail target synagogues in Toronto and Montreal