Canadian City Targeted with Pro-Sharia Graffiti…

Police have arrested a 52-year-old Windsor man in connection with a spree of Islamic-themed graffiti that targeted media organizations and bus shelters across the city.

The words “Sharia now” and “Islam executes drug dealers” were scrawled in red paint on a bus shelter and the windows of CBC Windsor Wednesday.

Similar messages were spotted at locations around the city including CTV and the Windsor Star.


Police received reports a man matching the description of the suspect was at a business on Chatham Street around noon Friday.

The man was arrested without incident and is facing “numerous” counts of mischief for the property damage.

Police thanked the public and media for spreading the word on the investigation and locating the suspect.

How Scientology is trying to insert itself into Irish schools

When the neat white package arrived at Rosmini Community School, in Drumcondra, three months ago, Chris Gueret was impressed. Inside it the religious-studies teacher found a complete curriculum on how to teach human rights to students, alongside posters, leaflets and a well-produced DVD entitled The Story of Human Rights.

In a job where resources can be hard to come by, teachers usually welcome a gift of good-quality study materials. “The resources were amazing. Really fantastic. It was all very well done,” Gueret says, before adding that he immediately threw it all in the bin.

The material came from an organisation called Youth for Human Rights, one of about 500 organisations operating internationally that are widely regarded as front groups for the Church of Scientology. The Dublin teacher was familiar with the group, having previously taught his class a module on Scientology. He had even used some of the organisation’s own material to illustrate how it operates.

“I was pretty savvy, just because I was aware of it in the past. But, as a teacher, the resource packs are really, really good. I would be afraid that a young, naive teacher would be taken in. “You’re grappling for resources, and when you’re teaching the topic of human rights, which falls into so many different subjects, you would think it’s fantastic.”

Although Youth for Human Rights is staffed and funded almost exclusively by Scientologists, the controversial organisation is mentioned nowhere in the literature Gueret received. The only overt clue to its connection is the mention of the science-fiction writer L Ron Hubbard, Scientology’s founder, who is listed as a “humanitarian” alongside Gandhi and Martin Luther King jnr.

“They embed the ideology into it in a very discreet way. You’d have to really look to see it. It’s kind of a covert way of getting into schools,” Gueret says.

UN Calls For Iraq To Stop Executing Islamic State (ISIS) Savages

It is not just the uselessness of the UN that has rendered that world body impotent, it is its loyalty to the most evil, retrograde force in the world, jihad, driven by the OIC (the largest world body at the UN, comprising 56 Muslim countries plus the terror Palestinian Authority).

Frankly, there is a good number of UN officials who should be brought brought on charges.

As for the “fairness of the judicial system” – what is fair about sharia? Since when did the UN care about fairness of a judicial system? They adopted the Cairo Declaration of Human Rights in Islam – sharia, the most brutal and extreme ideology on the face of the earth.

 What about the “fairness of the judicial system” when it came to the slaughter of Yezidis, Christians, Alawites in Syria and Iraq, or Jews in Israel, Judea and Samaria, or Coptic Christians in Egypt? The UN did nothing and said nothing when it came to genocide of millions. Now they are speaking out for the annihilationists, the executioners.

These hypocrites are doing the bidding of islamic supremacists. American taxpayer dollars should not fund jihad and Islamic supremacism.


Jonah Bennett, Daily Caller, December 15, 2017:

The United Nations has called on Iraq to stop executing suspected Islamic State militants convicted of terrorism.

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights spokeswoman Liz Throssell told Voice of America on Friday that she’s skeptical of the fairness of the judicial system in Iraq and was not even informed of the executions of 38 men on Thursday until after the fact.

Slightly over three dozen ISIS members were hanged in southern Iraq Thursday after a judge sentenced them to death. Iraq’s justice ministry insisted that all appeals had been exhausted. The last time the government conducted such a large execution was on Sept. 24, when 42 Muslim extremists were executed on terrorism charges.

“That again just underscores the situation, that suddenly we get sort of word, we get news that there has been a mass execution,” Throssell said. “That goes back to the lack of transparency, the lack of information regarding what is happening to these people.”

Throssell’s office is asking for Iraq to stop all executions, due to a lack of transparency and distrust that Iraq’s judicial system is capable of handing down fair verdicts. Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International have also accused Iraq of failing to dispense proper justice.

“This raises the prospect of irreversible miscarriages of justice and violations of the right to life,” Throssell said. “The imposition of the death sentence upon the conclusion of a trial in which fair trial provisions have not been respected constitute a violation of the right to life.”

But according to Iraqi officials, concerns about fairness are overblown. Iraqi Justice Minister Haidar al-Zamili said he “already expects more executions.”

Racist, Anti-Black, Genocidal Terrorist State Of Sudan Evicts 2 Christian Families From Church-Owned Homes, Gives to Muslim Investor

Two Sudanese Christian families remain homeless after a Muslim judge ruled against their appeals of eviction from their homes in Omdurman, and said that a Muslim real estate investor can rightfully take ownership of the church-owned properties.

Sources told nonprofit Christian persecution watchdog group Morning Star News that Judge Adam Tahir Haj Adam upheld the eviction of Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Church moderator, the Rev. Yahia Abdelrahim Nalu, and the Rev. Sidiq Abdalla from their homes and awarded ownership to Hisham Hamad Al-Neel, a Muslim investor.

The move leaves the two church leaders and their families homeless. Abdalla has two children, ages 8 and 10. Meanwhile, Nalu has a 1-year-old son.

On Aug. 15, police raided the families’ homes and evicted the families on court order. Al-Neel claimed he had ownership of the property for investment purposes, Radio Tamazuj reported at the time.

The pastors appealed the court order.


According to Morning Star News, one of the pastors said his house wasn’t even listed on the court order. The house listed in the court order was No. 567 and the pastor’s house number is No. 772.

SPEC leaders who spoke with Morning Star News fear that the court’s ruling could lead to the demolition of at least one of the homes.

“All appeals presented are rejected, and implantation of court order should continue,” the court order was quoted as stating.

The church leaders have appealed the judge’s ruling to a high court. A ruling is expected by the end of the year, according to Morning Star News.

The two pastors’ homes are not the only church properties that Al-Neel has targeted.

The persecution watchdog group cited anonymous sources who said that Al-Neel is the Muslim businessman behind most all of the court attempts to take over church-owned properties in the area.

According to the sources, there are more than 60 church leaders facing charges in Khartoum for opposing the turnover of church property to Al-Neel. The sources added that on Nov. 28, over 25 church leaders appeared in court on charges related to Al-Neel’s claims.

“Almost all the cases were opened by Hisham,” a source said.

Sudan ranks as the fifth-worst nation in the world when it comes Christian persecution, according to Open Doors USA’s 2017 World Watch List. The country has been listed on the World Watch List every year since 1993.

“Persecution in the country is systematic and reminiscent of ethnic cleansing,” an Open Doors fact sheet on Sudan states. “Under the authoritarian rule of al-Bashir and his party, there is no true rule of law in Sudan; freedom of expression has been almost entirely curtailed. … Historically, Islam is deeply embedded in Sudan’s society and the government is strictly implementing a one-religion, one culture and one language policy, which results in the persecution of Christians.”

Sudan is also listed by the U.S. State Department as a country of particular concern, a designation given to countries that have “engaged in or tolerated systematic, ongoing and egregious violations of religious freedom.”

“Some laws and government practices are based on the government’s interpretation of a Sharia system of jurisprudence and do not provide protections for religious minorities, including minority Muslim groups,” The State Department’s annual religious freedom report for 2016 stated about Sudan. “The law criminalizes apostasy, blasphemy, and conversion from Islam to another religion, as well as questioning the Quran, the Sahaba (the Companions of the [Islamic] prophet), or the wives of [Muhammad]. While the law does not specifically address proselytizing, the government reportedly criminalizes proselytizing under what it considers the crime of apostasy.”

Madagascar, Islamists Exploit Poverty To Gain Converts In Christian Land

VOHIPENO — At first sight, Vohipeno is a poor, but charming rural town covered with bougainvilleas and enveloped in the spicy fragrance of cloves, the main product of this southeastern stretch of Madagascar’s coast. Without electricity and shaded by palm trees or traveler’s trees, the houses are all made of wood, their rough facades faded by the weather.

Heading down toward the shoreline, we come across the white minaret of a worn mosque, attached to a brand new building of grey concrete. A furtive silhouette in a black abaya sees us, and disappears inside. Built adjacent to the Vatomasina (Sacred Stone) mosque, and originally paid for in 1990 by Muammar Gaddafi’s Libya, is the new Islamic School of Success. It towers over a dusty soccer pitch surrounded by wobbly shops, where laughing young boys in rags chase behind a half-deflated ball amid strewn garbage.

But on this Tuesday afternoon, some of Vohipeno’s children don’t have time for fun. About 45 young boys, aged 7 to 14, sit cross-legged on the floor, with their stained djellabas and skullcaps, in the big, dark room of the Islamic school, endlessly reciting verses from the Koran. They do so in Arabic or in Urdu, neither of which they can understand. It evokes the madrassas for poor young boys in Pakistan, on the road from Islamabad to Peshawar: ultra-strict boys-only schools that have produced many jihadists.

These young boys are all free boarders, placed there by their families, who are too poor to support them. Some even came in directly from the street, where they had been begging. “It’s very easy for a child to convert and become a Muslim for life: He only needs to come here, take a shower and pronounce the Shahada [the Islamic profession of faith],” explains Nadeem Dolip, a Mauritian with a long black beard who heads the new institution.

Section 8/Welfare Cuts Commence Today – Let Black Women Lick Up Dust And Eat Apocalyptic Gravel!

Section 8/Welfare Cuts Commence Today – Let Black Women Lick Up Dust And Eat Apocalyptic Gravel!

Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock





For the longest while in black society the majority bulk of money, finances and spending power has been placed into the hands of the most irresponsible, reckless and materialistic individual on the planet, the modern day black woman. For years black men have watched as black women have and still are taking black society into the deep abyss and the lowest depths of hell through attempting to satisfy their childish lusts for money and materials.

However, the beginning of the end of those times are now upon us. For years black women in the US who are 6-7% of the black population but who make up 40% of welfare recipients have sat on their lazy behinds using the government…

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