Christians attacked amid fears desperate ISIS will build new caliphate in AFRICA

ISLAMIC extremists have launched attacks on Christians in the Democratic Republic of Congo, in what could be a worrying campaign to create a new caliphate in Africa.


Terror group Allied Democratic Force (AFD) attacked a Christian hospital during a series of sectarian attacks in DR Congo over the past few weeks.

And a neighbourhood in the town of Beni was attacked by heavily-armed jihadis using bombs and explosives just the day before.

The terrorists, according to one Christian missionary in the area, are attempting to “carve out” a Sharia law-run caliphate in the east of the troubled country – often referred to as the ‘broken heart of Africa’.

He relayed shocking details of an attack in the city of Beni to Open Doors, an international ministry fighting for persecuted Christians


The missionary said: “Rebels attacked our house and neighbourhood. It was a real battlefield. Bombs, gun fire and people running. Large calibre shells are everywhere.

“A thousand or so people fled the area towards the centre of Beni. All the children, workers and seven neighbours were crammed into one tiny room very afraid.

“They saw these men jump over the wall. There was gunfire and bombs and yelling and screaming. All were terrified.”


The attack took place on October 26. The following day another attack took place in the city when terrorists raided a Christian hospital.

Nyankunde Evangelical hospital, which belongs to seven evangelist churches, was targeted by Islamic extremists in terrifying scenes.

A source told Open Doors: “The attackers woke up the director of the hospital at about 1m, and forced him to lie down on the floor. They told him to give them all the money he kept with him.