The government could raise the annual revenue threshold for VAT exemption for small businesses from 8 million to 12 million forints (EUR 38,600), Economy Minister Mihály Varga said in a statement on Sunday. The government has already started consultations on the matter with the European Commission and has requested a derogation from the 8.8 million forint threshold in Hungary’s accession treaty, Varga said. Brussels earlier approved higher thresholds for Luxembourg, Latvia, Slovenia, Romania and Italy, he added. More than 605,000 businesses would benefit from the measure, saving them 25 billion forints, Varga said. The threshold could be raised as early as January 1, 2019, he added. Varga noted that the government had raised the revenue threshold for the itemised tax for small businesses, known by its Hungarian acronym “kata”, from 6 million to 12 million forints from the start of 2017. Businesses that opt for kata pay a flat monthly 50,000 forints instead of corporate or payroll tax. Source: MTI

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#TAKASEAT: NFL Stadiums Are Turning Into Ghost Towns

The NFL needs to switch their slogan #TAKEAKNEE to #TAKEASEAT, beg their fans to forgive them for disrespecting the flag, and focus their energy on getting fans to return to games, or risk seeing their stadiums turn into ghost towns.

Over the last year, the NFL’s viewership and ratings have sunk to dismal levels, with polls showing that only 46% now view the NFL positively. Compare that to four years ago when the NFL’s approval rating stood at a comfortable 64%.

Halfway through the season, the NFL has shown no signs of improvement. Players kneeling during the National Anthem with no repercussions have taken a toll, as ticket sales and images from games demonstrate.