The Root Magazine Attacks Heterosexual Black Men………………Again! Some Things Never Change

Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock


I’m sure that many of you have already come across this article that was recently published on The Root’s subdivision website Very Smart Brothas in which the writer of the piece one Mr Damon Young attempted to suggest that heterosexual black men have some sort of privilege within society in general and black society in particular. Young also made the ludicrous suggestion that straight black men somehow have an advantage over black women.

However, Damon Young in attempting to prove his position concerning so called black male privilege in his folly checkmated himself. In the third paragraph of his article he lists a number of reasons that he believes give heterosexual black men an advantage and a head start over black women, however when you actually read his points you will quickly realise that they come from a position of disadvantage.

Obama created an initiative to assist and…

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