Female CEO hires lots of women using affirmative action and then fires them after realizing diversity doesn’t improve performance

Should quality and superior performance be sacrificed for a diverse work force? An-ex Google employee who was concerned with how few women were in tech decided to fix the gender disparity problem by hiring lots of women when she eventually left Google to form her own tech company. Vidya Narayanan, a former Google engineer now says hiring women just for the sake of hiring women hurts the amazing women in tech.

Concerned with how male dominated her department and most of tech was, Vidya decided to hire more women when she eventually left Google to start UrbanAMA, A video ‘ask me anything’ service that she currently owns. Having received job applications from numerous and often more qualified men than women, she decided to hire the less qualified women anyway in order to increase the number of women in her firm.

However, despite her enthusiasm and drive, she eventually had to fire all her female employees after realizing that they were only bringing the firm down. She hadn’t hired them because they were qualified for job, but to fill a diversity quota. All the increase in salaries she implemented to motivate them did no good. Vidya is now back to being the only woman in the company:



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