White Woman Yet Again Calls Out The Dysfunctional Black Sisterhood On Their Poor Choices Of Men

Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock


Black women are dumber than a box of rocks if they believe that other races of women cannot see how horribly they treat good black men. Black women are even more retarded if they believe that non black women cannot see the types of low-grade, reprobate men they deliberately choose to date and procreate with. This is why the majority of black women will be cast upon the mountain of singledom and rejection until the day they hit the grave.

Black women are even more foolish if they still believe that they can bring feminism and their obstinate, dysfunctional nature into any relationship and it be successful. I keep on telling you, this is what it has now boiled down to, more white and other non black females recognising the value in hard working, upstanding, decent black men, them swooping in and scooping up whatever men they choose and…

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