CDC Statistics Prove Black Women Overall To Be The Most Disease Ridden Individuals In The United States

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Of course the angry and bitter black sisterhood will look for some excuse to dismiss this data, even though they are the ones frequently asking for statistics. Present information that does not paint black women in a positive light and you are guaranteed to hear the words “show me the stats” come from their mouths.

Of course black women don’t have any problems accepting and working with statistics that function in their favour, thus they will immediately throw up the HIV/AIDS statistics which show that in 2015 black men were diagnosed with HIV at around 3 times the rate of black women, that link can be found below:

However, you’ll notice that the vast majority of HIV cases found in black men are with those who are bisexual and homosexual, this is to be expected as the homosexual lifestyle is extremely high risk. Take a look at…

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