SAR residents to get improved access to mainland

The official Xinhua news agency says Beijing is looking at making it easier for Hong Kong and Macau residents to live on the mainland. President Xi Jinping has already called for such measures, and the move comes as Chief Executive Carrie Lam ended her four-day visit to the capital.

Xinhua said people from Hong Kong and Macau, who work on the mainland, will get equal rights to housing provident funds so they can buy homes and settle there. Currently, mainlanders put part of their salaries into such funds – along with a contribution from their employers – so they can get low interest home loans and other benefits.

Beijing also wants Hong Kong and Macau residents to be eligible for social security, if they are working or studying across the border. It said the Ministry of Education will ensure equal opportunities for students from the SARs to receive compulsory education.

Universities would also try to help Hong Kong and Macau students deal with the red tape they often face when trying to find a job on the mainland.

Another inconvenience faced by SAR residents – not being able to use their Return Homeland Passes at self-service ticket machines at train stations – is also being looked at.

Clementine Ford asks feminist to take down photo of her son

In a spectacular case of hypocrisy, Clementine Ford has asked a feminist to remove a photo of her son Frank on Twitter.

So it would seem she has no problem in posting images of fathers with their daughters, yet as soon as someone posts an image of her own son, she doesn’t like it. The fact that it was posted by one of her feminist fans makes it even more hilarious.

So Clementine, how does it feel when people post photos of your family, just like you’ve done to the daughters of these men?

Taiwan attends Thai fair, seeks increase in travelers

Taiwan is participating in an international travel exhibition in Bangkok to attract more visitors from Thailand, the Tourism Bureau said yesterday.

The bureau has teamed up with the Taiwan Visitors Association, hotel operators, farm resort operators and souvenir vendors to set up a Taiwan pavilion at the Thai International Travel Fair, which runs from today to Sunday at the Queen Sirikit Convention Center.

The fair is held twice a year: in February and August.

The bureau said Taiwan regards Thailand as one of the fastest-growing markets at a time when the government is pushing its New Southbound Policy.

The policy is aimed at boosting ties with Southeast Asian and South Asian nations in a bid to lessen Taiwan’s economic dependence on China.

To attract more travelers from Thailand, the government has granted visa-free privileges to Thais since Aug. 1 last year, which has boosted the number of Thai visitors to Taiwan.

Statistics compiled by the bureau showed that arrivals from Thailand from August to December last year rose 81 percent from a year earlier.

In December alone, the figure grew about 90 percent year-on-year.

For the whole of last year, the number of Thai visitors rose almost 60 percent from a year earlier, the data showed.

Participation in the fair is expected to further boost Taiwan’s visibility among Thais, it said.

The Taiwanese exhibitors will highlight the nation as a romantic destination for visitors, as well as travelers in search of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, and shopping, the bureau said.

Visitors to the Taiwan pavilion can expect discounts and travel information that can be used when they come to Taiwan, it added.

White Woman Yet Again Calls Out The Dysfunctional Black Sisterhood On Their Poor Choices Of Men

White Woman Yet Again Calls Out The Dysfunctional Black Sisterhood On Their Poor Choices Of Men

Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock


Black women are dumber than a box of rocks if they believe that other races of women cannot see how horribly they treat good black men. Black women are even more retarded if they believe that non black women cannot see the types of low-grade, reprobate men they deliberately choose to date and procreate with. This is why the majority of black women will be cast upon the mountain of singledom and rejection until the day they hit the grave.

Black women are even more foolish if they still believe that they can bring feminism and their obstinate, dysfunctional nature into any relationship and it be successful. I keep on telling you, this is what it has now boiled down to, more white and other non black females recognising the value in hard working, upstanding, decent black men, them swooping in and scooping up whatever men they choose and…

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CDC Statistics Prove Black Women Overall To Be The Most Disease Ridden Individuals In The United States

CDC Statistics Prove Black Women Overall To Be The Most Disease Ridden Individuals In The United States

Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock


Of course the angry and bitter black sisterhood will look for some excuse to dismiss this data, even though they are the ones frequently asking for statistics. Present information that does not paint black women in a positive light and you are guaranteed to hear the words “show me the stats” come from their mouths.

Of course black women don’t have any problems accepting and working with statistics that function in their favour, thus they will immediately throw up the HIV/AIDS statistics which show that in 2015 black men were diagnosed with HIV at around 3 times the rate of black women, that link can be found below:

However, you’ll notice that the vast majority of HIV cases found in black men are with those who are bisexual and homosexual, this is to be expected as the homosexual lifestyle is extremely high risk. Take a look at…

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