Lam Cheuk-ting urges govt access for online media

Democratic Party lawmaker Lam Cheuk-ting has urged Chief Executive Carrie Lam to follow through on her campaign pledge to grant online media access to government functions.

Currently, these outlets are barred from official press conferences and cannot access the government’s news system.

“So many Hong Kong people get their information or read the news from online media, so I think the government should have let all the online media have the right to interview government officials,” he said.

He told RTHK’s Jennifer Leung that the government could also consult the Hong Kong Journalists Association to define which online media should be allowed to attend government press conferences.

Racism Within The MGTOW Movement

Racism Within The MGTOW Movement

Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock


The problem I have with the MGTOW movement is I personally don’t believe that they have exhausted all of their options when it comes down to finding decent women. Now even though MGTOW is a philosophy and black men were the first MGTOWs(as has already been discussed within the movement), white men ultimately are seen as the MGTOW mascot due to them dominating the movement. White men within MGTOW also form the majority who express various issues and concerns relating to women and their dysfunctional conduct, observations, issue and concerns I might add which are extremely valid and factual.

I have said this before and I will say this again, to white people their race comes first above everything else. It doesn’t matter what white folks get involved with, fishing, cycling, reading, train spotting, sailing, comic collecting, bowling, video gaming, film making, religion, politics, philosophies, coin collecting, employment, church…

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