The Jezebel Spirit Is Strong In This One – Feminism Stretching Out Its Wings As Per Usual

Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock


This Russian woman named Anfisa is a typical example of the type of woman that you don’t want. Now, much as in the case of Rob Kardashian Jorge was warned by his family concerning Anfisa, his sisters saw through her garbage, however Jorge refused to listen. Now, from the off I have to say that this woman is not very attractive at all and it looks like she has had some kind of surgery done to her lips because they look odd and out-of-place. In fact her whole face looks out of joint.

Secondly, from the time a woman you are meant to be dating scratches your vehicle, she needs to be kicked to the curb immediately. We as black men are all too familiar with our property being damaged at the hands of black women, black women feel that they have a right to destroy what they please…

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