Kodak Black Is RIGHT To Reject Dark Skinned Black Women

Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock

Exhibit A:

You’ve probably heard by now that the angry and bitter black sisterhood is up in arms concerning the rapper Kodak Black because of the above video in which he reconfirmed his preference was light-skinned black women. However Kodak Black is right to reject dark skinned black women, quite frankly speaking dark skinned black women are by the far the worst representatives of the black female community and the black community as a whole bar none.

Which complexion of women do you see the most twerking in public, fighting in the streets, wearing the most make up(trying to look light-skinned or like white women), getting butt injections, wearing weaves and wigs trying their best to replicate white women, having the most filthy mouths uttering the most nasty and evil things imaginable, that’s right, dark skinned black women.

You see Kodak Black has seen this all of his life and…

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