fake pro black, white looking, Chyna Fox who dates and lusts after white men: “”If You Can Lay Down With A White Woman I don’t Trust You”



truth from the commenters


This is ANOTHER fake pro black bitch. Goes by Chyna Fox, she has dated and slept with many white men and got caught lusting after white guys on facebook like ALL “pro black” women she is just using it as a hustle after white men reject her.

What about that black WWE woman that bashed black men. Why black women are not going off on her about her comments. Let me guess it’s ok for black women to do it and date white people only. Talking about double standards here. Her ass need to go on the push away from the table diet and hop her hippo butt on a treadmill

But the irony of ALL of this is that she dates outside of her own race.

It’s okay for a black woman to date a white man–and they will celebrate and throw all types of ticker-tape parades (and you will find that most black men don’t care who a black woman chooses to date)…

…but as soon as a black man gets a non-black woman, then they want to get upset as well as say stuff like “we didn’t want them anyway”.




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