It’s NOT Your Day Women, So Stay Out Of It – Father’s Day Special

Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock


The above is the typical kind of feminist rubbish that takes place in western countries and to be honest can also be used as an indicator to determine how domesticated and weak people on the whole have become in developed countries. This type of disrespect towards men and masculinity is not occurring in other parts of the world where feminism and misandry do not rule and where men are upheld in their rightful place as leaders and the heads of their families.

Just out of interest you’ll notice that countries that reject feminism, misandry and gynocentric values, the men and women there tend to have the most successful relationships and marriages. Feminism cannot co-exist in the same space as a good relationship. It’s amazing how the west brags about its advanced nature, yet in terms of relationships and marriage western societies are going backwards completely and falling apart at…

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