Racist, Cyberterrorist, Feminist Zoe Quinn aka Chelsea Van Valkenburg strikes again!

Zoe Quin and company engaged in a racist cyberterrorist campaign against a black american woman in 2016




Independent game developer Tim Soret revealed his sci-fi video game, The Last Night, to widespread acclaim and praise Sunday at E3, the biggest gaming event of the year. Combining 3D and retro-pixel graphics, the game’s “post-cyberpunk” aesthetics impressed gamers and game developers alike, who shared their excitement across social media.

But not everyone is happy about the attention his game is getting. Leading the brigade to ruin Soret’s reputation is Zoe Quinn, the queer feminist activist “game developer” who once lobbied for the United Nations to censor free speech on the Internet to prevent “cyberviolence.”

Infamous for catalyzing the GamerGate debacle in 2014, Quinn publicly castigated Soret and his project over his decision to stand against progressive, social justice ideology. Soret previously made statements critical of feminism and outrage culture, and expressed his disdain for identity politics.

He once tweeted: “People who blame art and entertainment for society’s ills are always on the wrong side of history.”

A professional victim by trade, Quinn even went so far as to accuse Soret of personally trying to ruin her life, and vowed to “never let go” of her hatred against anyone who opposes her ideology.


In describing The Last Night several years ago, Soret declared his intention to create a cyberpunk world in which modern feminism won, instead of egalitarianism.

“I find it interesting to show the danger of extreme progressivism, in the background of the game, the characters, and the story,” wrote Soret. “Finally, we’ll have another take on the cyberpunk oppression instead of Big Brother/1984/HAL/big companies. What if the surveillance, bullying, marginalization won’t come from governments but from the Internet?”

Clearly, such a game doesn’t jive well with social justice warriors whose only interest in the video game medium is to promote progressive ideology—and they’re out for blood due to Zoe Quinn’s klaxon call, with an avalanche of retweets promoting anger against him.


Gamers uninterested in or ignorant of Zoe Quinn’s manufactured drama shared their praise for The Last Night, instead.


Given that Quinn’s only real foray into video games was to the creation of a controversial text-based choose-your-own-adventure story about depression, it’s no surprise that she would be upset by the amount of positive attention Soret’s game is receiving. Her jealousy couldn’t be more evident.

Ian Miles Cheong is a journalist and outspoken media critic. You can reach him through social media at @stillgray on Twitter and on Facebook.

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