Penny Claps Back, Putting Black Women And Simps Back In Their Place – Part 1

Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock

Since these black harridans and their simp brigades got my Instagram account completely removed and reported my twitter account(which only repeats links to articles on this website), I have decided to feature memes for a series entitled Penny Claps Back Putting Black Women And Simps Back In Their Place. These masterful memes are made by a gentleman by the name of Vurbyl Khent. Khent is also a rapper/songwriter and recording artist at Smokehouze Music Group(SMG), hence the SMG tag featured on all of the memes.

I very much enjoy these memes because they are quick to the point and in so few words, many others have also expressed their liking to the Penny Claps Back memeage. I was posting these memes to my Instagram account until the bitter black sisterhood and their black simp advocates got wind of this and decided to do what they know best, flag and…

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