HK youth need to accept they’re Chinese: CY Leung

The Chief Executive CY Leung said on Tuesday that young people in Hong Kong are Chinese “no matter what they think”, and this is how the whole world sees them.

He was responding to a claim by university students this week that part of the reason they decided not to join Sunday’s June 4 vigil is because they are Hongkongers, not Chinese, and pushing for democracy on the mainland is none of their business.

Leung said while there is freedom of speech in Hong Kong, young people need to think things through clearly.

“I believe that if they can ponder for a bit, they’ll know Hong Kong is a part of China. No matter what they think, people in society, including international ones will treat you as Chinese,” Leung said.

“Even for Hong Kong people holding foreign passports. When you travel to other countries, people there will treat you as Chinese, by looking at your name, your cultural background and upbringing.”

Leung was speaking to reporters as he headed into the weekly meeting of the Executive Council.

On a separate note, he also said the government was very concerned about the safety of the future bridge to Macau and Zhuhai. It was revealed on Monday that a contractor for the project faked the results of tests on concrete samples more than 200 times.


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