Japanese court nullifies ban on ‘mannequin flash mobs’


A Japanese court Wednesday nullified a ban on “mannequin flash mobs” issued by a city in Kanagawa Prefecture near Tokyo, without assessing whether the order violated the constitutional right to freedom of expression.

The Yokohama District Court sided with plaintiffs including Minako Yoshida, an Ebina city assembly member, who staged a mannequin flash mob in an Ebina city walkway. The plaintiffs claimed the ban was an excessive restriction on freedom of expression.

According to the ruling, around 10 people including Yoshida gathered as a flash mob at the walkway over Ebina Station in February last year and stood still for several minutes while holding a board which said “we do not tolerate (Prime Minister Shinzo) Abe’s politics.”

The following month, the city banned Yoshida from engaging in the practice known as a mannequin flash mob.

Presiding Judge Masamichi Okubo said that the court did not believe the action “would have significantly affected the safe and undisturbed flow of pedestrians,” adding the performance did not fall under the purview of an ordinance prohibiting demonstrations or assembly in a walkway.

The plaintiffs had argued that the city needed to give as much consideration as possible to guaranteeing freedom of expression. The city asserted the prohibition was based on its ordinance and that the restriction was aimed at securing smooth passage of pedestrians.



Canadian group’s decision to honour Nazi pilot at women’s aviation event draws fire

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MONTREAL – A Canadian organization that promotes women in aviation is facing criticism from a Jewish rights group and questions from sponsors after deciding this year to honour a pioneering helicopter pilot who was also a notorious Nazi.

“Let’s Swirl. 80 Years of Female Helicopter Pilots,” reads the theme for this year’s Women of Aviation Worldwide Week. “Hanna Reitsch, first woman to pilot a helicopter, 1937.”

The short biography on the event’s website mentions that Reitsch, who died in 1979, became a test pilot in Germany in 1937, flew an Fa 61 helicopter that year, and in later life established gliding schools in India and Ghana.

But it leaves out the war years of 1939-45, when Reitsch was a Luftwaffe test pilot and personal favourite of Adolf Hitler, who awarded her the Iron Cross for bravery.

Though she was the first woman to pilot a helicopter, her most famous flight may have been a trip in the final days of the Second World War, when she came under Red Army fire as she landed in the heart of Berlin on a mission to take the new head of the Luftwaffe, Robert Ritter von Greim, to Hitler’s bunker.


She spent two days inside the bunker before flying out with von Greim and was one of the last people to see Hitler alive before he killed himself.

After being captured by the Americans, Reitsch reportedly said she regretted not having died at Hitler’s side and told her interrogators: “We should all kneel down in reverence and prayer before the altar of the Fatherland.”


Canadian group’s decision to honour Nazi pilot at women’s aviation event draws fire

Self-sufficiency is key to Taiwan’s defense, Feng says

Minister of National Defense Feng Shih-kuan (馮世寬) yesterday reiterated the need for the nation to build up its self-sufficiency to minimize its dependence on foreign arms sales, saying the nation’s defense industry has fallen more than a decade behind the rest of the world in key technologies.

“We have fallen more than 10 years behind. Our achievements would have been greater had we done all we could to develop the defense industry when former president Chiang Ching-kuo (蔣經國) told the nation to learn to support itself after its removal from the UN,” Feng said in a speech at the opening ceremony of the Science and Technology Exhibition Center of the Chungshan Institute of Science and Technology, the military’s main research and development body.

Difficulties in acquiring foreign weapons systems highlight the need to achieve self-sufficiency in defense, as it took more than a decade for Taiwan to obtain F-16 jets from the US and it has yet to receive US assistance in developing submarines, he said.

“Do you know how difficult it will be for us to push ahead with the submarine building program?” Feng said. “Do you know how long we have been asking the US for help to build submarines? More than 15 years.”

When he served as military attache in Washington, the US government denied his request for Taiwan to purchase F-16s, telling him that it was “the 12th year in a row that Taiwan sought to buy the jets,” and that his request would be shelved, as past proposals had.

However, the US later approved the sale of 150 F-16s to Taiwan in 1992, while Feng was still attache.

The institute’s predecessor, the air force’s research center, developed the first prototype of the AIDC F-CK-1 Ching Kuo, or Indigenous Defense Fighter, a milestone for the nation’s defense industry, and the institute has since then been responsible for maintenance and upgrades of the aircraft’s combat systems, Feng said.

The exhibition center, which displays locally developed missile systems, radar systems, 5G communication technologies, aerospace technologies and combat simulation systems, is aimed at inspiring students to contribute to the nation’s defense industry, he said.

The exhibition center also features active electronically scanned array radar systems, models of the Hsiung Feng III supersonic anti-ship missile, a combat control system and a range of other military equipment.

“The institute designed all of the core technologies of the radar system, which was completely manufactured locally,” institute vice president Gao Chung-hsing (杲中興) said. “We no longer have to import radar components, as we have the ability to produce all of the advanced radar system’s parts, which is a great leap in electronics.”

The exhibition center also houses a control center that monitors the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer, a particle physics experiment module mounted on the International Space Station, as the institute is a supplier of electronics systems for the device.

Following the institute’s reorganization into an public entity, it has provided technological solutions to a number of industries, Gao said.



Proof That There Is No Islamophobia, M103 Is a Lie and Iqra Khalid Is A Liar

Published on Mar 7, 2017

Always remember, that the statistics should be researched and considered before writing legislation in Canada.

Iqra Khalid is a liar and a criminal and has falsified claims of Islamophobia and violence against Muslims.

There is NO VIOLENCE against Muslims in Canada – PERIOD!

Kevin J. Johnston
Journalist & Social Commentator