Is VICE A Safe Space For Pedo Perves?


Apparently, the ratings or hits-obsessed and its other platforms are only concerned about the volume of their readership and not the well-being of children.Of course, any publication or site would wish for optimum public support, but for the sensational VICE no trick, style or approach is cheap and appalling enough not to employ so long as they get to be read. It does not matter if they are basically churning out rubbish. What could they be thinking? Some of their “shocking” articles last year practically support pedophiles, project pedophiles in a-gasp-romantic fashion, make the dangerous aberration seems oh so practically normal! Simply disgusting!

Worse, VICE even try to “legitimize” their taking up the cudgels for pedophiles with supposed studies and academic arguments. Have the world run out of worthy advocacies and campaigns that VICE would take on the welfare of pedophiles? How could they pretend there’s nothing wrong- whatever one’s faith, race, social status or educational attainment- with people who view children with lust and malice, or have the conscience to even consider harming them sexually, or worst, actually abusing them?

In one article titled “Most Child Sexual Abusers Are Not Pedophiles, Experts Say”, aside from this sensationalized headline which the rest of the article failed to back up with credible studies, facts and figures from valid and official sources, many disturbing statements were also forwarded. VICE’s article claimed that “pedophiles might not have a choice in the matter”- how absurd can they get? As if they are not rational individuals incapable of discernment or separating what is true from what is false, and what is right from wrong. As if they can not control their minds, feelings or conscience. Is this to absolve them of accountability should they commit abuses in the future? Is that the intent of the article, and of VICE? That is, to offer a preemptive defense for pedophilia and pedophiles for their future criminal acts, to condition the mind of the readers? Unbelievable! Harassment, exploitation and abuse of children are criminal acts.

In other point, the article even compared pedophilia with the same dynamics as homosexuality. What deplorable crap? Adults in homosexual relationships are -even if others do not agree with them- at least thinking, consenting adults capable of deciding for themselves. While pedophilia abuses are simply inexcusable, condemnable because it involves often times defenseless children, in circumstances and acts that involve force and inflict pain and harm to kids.

While it may be true that not all cases of child sexual abuse were perpetuated by pedophiles, it does not make child sexual abuses perpetuated BY PEDOPHILES correct, or any less wrong. It does not make pedophiles any less disgusting.

The article reserved their biggest defense to pedophiles “who do not act on their urges”, as if they are instead the “victims” of society who deserve our understanding and support. Sure, even if it’s a stretch, if they seek medical support and intervention so as not to cause harm to any children-victims, that is. By itself, though, this defense or even ” separation” or

“distinction” between pedophiles who commit abuses and harm children, and pedophiles who “do not act on their desires” is dangerous, because who’s to tell of the real, tangible difference, really? Any pedophile can always claim it’s just on his mind, anyway. And what if this is used as misleading or deceptive defense in the future? A pedophile caught abusing a child can simply cry “but you knew I was the type of pedophile who do not act on my desires right? Therefore, I am innocent!” Imagine? Deplorable!

Or could VICE be forwarding an agenda? That of supporting the decriminalization of pedophilia?

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