Abe to keep putting highest priority on economy in 2017




Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Wednesday he will continue to place his highest priority on the economy this year, aiming to pull Japan out of the deflation that has dominated the country’s economic narrative for the past two decades.

“Our top economic policy is the swift enactment of the budget for the next fiscal year,” Abe said at a New Year press conference in Ise in Mie Prefecture, central Japan, after visiting the Ise Grand Shrine in the city earlier in the day.

“Our mission is to solidly grow the economy while advancing ‘Abenomics,’” he said, referring to his administration’s economic policy package of aggressive monetary easing, massive government spending and structural reforms.

Abe said the next ordinary Diet session will convene Jan. 20 and will be aimed at “opening up (Japan’s) future.”

The prime minister said he is “not thinking at all of dissolving” the House of Representatives for an election, which he has the discretion to do at any time.

Abe also said his administration will proceed with “new nation-building” in 2017 as Japan marks the 70th anniversary of its post-World War II Constitution, a document he has long sought to revise.

“Now is the time to look to the future, in anticipation of the next 70 years, and proceed with new nation-building,” Abe said.

“We, who are living today, must learn from our predecessors of 70 years ago who built postwar (Japan), face our challenges head-on and fulfill our responsibilities for the future,” he said.

Revising the war-renouncing Constitution, which was introduced while Japan was still under postwar occupation by the United States and has remained unaltered since, has been a long-standing goal both of Abe and the Liberal Democratic Party he leads.

Gains by the LDP and like-minded lawmakers in last year’s upper house election pushed them past a legal hurdle required to formally consider a constitutional amendment.

Hinting at a more self-reliant Japan, Abe said, “Our future is not something we are given by (other) people.”

“We, the Japanese people, will carve it out with our own hands—now is the time when the grit (to do so) is needed,” he said.

With a government panel continuing to debate possible responses to Emperor Akihito’s apparent wish to abdicate, Abe reiterated that the issue is “an extremely serious matter and must not be turned into political fodder.”

Noting that 2017 is the Year of the Rooster in the Chinese zodiac, Abe said he will continue to advance “proactive diplomacy, looking across the globe with a bird’s-eye view, this year.”

Last month, Abe hosted Russian President Vladimir Putin for a summit in Japan. Sources have said Abe and U.S. President-elect Donald Trump may be planning a meeting in the United States at the end of this month, shortly after Trump’s inauguration.

Japan’s largest opposition party also kicked off the year in Ise on Wednesday. Democratic Party leader Renho, who visited the Shinto shrine ahead of Abe, said she wants the party to emphasize its points of difference with the Abe administration this year.

“Our views will differ greatly from Prime Minister Abe’s this year, too, and I want the public to see that,” Renho said.

The Democratic Party and smaller opposition parties—the Japanese Communist Party, Liberal Party and Social Democratic Party—are expected to begin discussions before the end of the month to narrow down candidates and work out common policies eyeing the next lower house election, the timing of which is up to Abe alone.

“There could well be a dissolution of the lower house and a general election this year, (so) we’ll maintain and enhance our preparations for battle,” Democratic Party Secretary General Yoshihiko Noda said at his party’s New Year ceremony.

Meanwhile in Okinawa Prefecture, which hosts much of the U.S. military presence in Japan, the governor vowed to continue a standoff with the central government over the relocation of a U.S. air base within the island prefecture.

Making his first comments of the year Wednesday, Okinawa Gov. Takeshi Onaga pledged to “use every possible method available to the prefecture” to prevent the plan to move U.S. Marine Corps Air Station Futenma, currently in the middle of a crowded residential area of Ginowan, to the less populated Henoko seaside area of Nago.

The central government resumed stalled construction work at the Henoko site late last month after the Supreme Court ruled against Onaga’s move in October 2015 to block the land reclamation, which had been approved by his predecessor prior to his election in 2014.


feminism news

A top British university has capped the number of men that can represent it on BBC quiz show University Challenge, demanding that a majority of contestants are women, trans or “non-binary”.
King’s College London has implemented a quota system on its contestants to counteract the “male-dominated landscape” of the cult programme.
Under the new system at least half of contestants will have to be non-male. As there are five places on a team (four main contestants and a reserve), this means a maximum of two men can be entered per year.



Australia: Liberal Democrat senator David Leyonhjelm says male high school students being made to stand and take the White Ribbon Day oath while female classmates sit and watch is “public shaming based on gender”.

The Libertarian senator said in Question Time on Wednesday that a high school student from Sydney had complained to him about the male students in her public high school being forced to stand and recite the White Ribbon Day oath in front of the female students.
The oath is part of White Ribbon’s campaign to encourage men to stand up to domestic violence against women, and consists of two sentences:
I will stand up, speak out and act to prevent men’s violence against women. This is my Oath.
Leyonhjelm described the schoolboys’ experience as “public shaming based on gender”.
The student told Leyonhjelm the girls were keen to participate but were made to sit and watch by teachers, which made them feel uncomfortable.


feminism is a threat to public health

WOMEN’S health is under threat because medical scientists are terrified of being labelled SEXIST.

Top academics have said that the trendy belief that men and women’s brains are the same is totally false and is hampering the development of drugs.

Neurological issues effect both genders’ brains differently, meaning that different treatments have varying effects on males and females.

But scientists are so terrified of being savaged by feminists that they ditch potentially life-saving drugs without testing them properly on both sexes.

Larry Cahill, a neuro-biologist from University of California, published an article in Journal of Neuroscience Research in which he said researchers feared becoming “a pariah in the eyes of the neuroscience mainstream” for admitting differences between genders.



feminazi scum at carleton university want to ban men from the gym


Victorian children to be taught boys conditioned to dominate women while adult women teachers continue to lure and fuck and rape underage children


Slate openly declare that heterosexual men are misogynists by attacking Trump’s new Labour secretary because he finds hot women in bikini attractive. this is the same slate who a couple weeks ago publish an article saying there is no such thing as a male body



MTV sinks to new lows by creating a series advocating violence against men based on their gender



Feminist Writer Polly Dunning: “I felt sick at the thought of something male growing inside me”


Eastern Michigan University spends $100k telling male athletes they are rapists


Kathy Benjamin At Cracked encouraging women to forcibly sterilize their husbands


Feminist in BC, Canada admitted to raping a girl




Women’s shelters team up to shut down the first men’s health program


Jenny Mcdermott “Kill All Male Babies and Kill Any Man You See In The Streets!”



The new trend: parents who hope for girls, not boys

The toxic poison of feminism has caused a lot of damage to society, devaluing and degrading men. Is it any surprise, then, that brainwashed women and even some brainwashed men are hoping to only give birth to daughters, and not sons?


women comitting voilence against men is now perfectly acceptable



Nova100 radio & Chrissie Swan celebrates the severing of a man’s penis



In Argentina there is a tradition of attacking catholics, thier churches and destroying property among feminists during October at some women’s feminist meetings


more can be found at this reddit link



Sierra College Feminist ‘Police’ Hand Out Tickets To Men Who Make Them Feel ‘Uncomfortable’