‘Male Feminist,’ a Predictable Breed

You probably never heard of self-described “comedian” Mo Fathelbab, who has never done anything successfully, and you never would have heard of him had he not (a) started an “experimental” comedy club in New York, (b) created some kind of weird hoax feud with Trump supporters, and (c) date-raped a woman — allegedly, I hasten to add.

However, I wouldn’t even bother mentioning alleged date-rapist “comedian” Mo Fathelbab, except that he’s been known to pull the “male feminist” move by accusing other guys of misogyny, blah, blah, blah.

Let’s face it, Mo Fathelbab deserves due process just like every frat boy at the University of Virginia deserved due process. However, as we have learned, feminists don’t believe in due process for frat boys, and if Mo Fathelbab is going to throw in with the feminists, then he should be judged by their standards, and to hell with the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, centuries of Anglo-American common-law tradition, etc.

So if a female comedian I never heard of puts up a post on Facebook saying she passed out at an apartment and woke up to find a certain bald flabby “comedian” raping her, we must believe the victim!



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