Free book in Toronto: Goal of jihad to make Allah’s word the highest

Recently the Muslims at Dundas Square offer for passerby free copies of the Quran, the holy book for Muslims, accompanied with a modern interpretation of its verses.

The sticker on the back of the book reads the following:

“The Quranic definition of’ God “Say: He (God) is Allah, The One and Only; Allah, The Eternal, Absolute, He neither begets nor is born; And there is none comparable unto Him.”(Quran 112 :1- 4) Walk-In Islamic InfoCenter ‘2535-1 Dundas street west, Toronto ON MSG 1Z3, Canada (647) 994-6807 & (647) 782-2303 Email: Facebook: WalkInIslamicInfoCentor (Learn. Islam in 85 languages www.collectfreequran.orq

CIJnews has recently obtained a copy of this book entitled “The Quran” (Saheeh International). The book explains the Islamic Law based on the Quran and Sunnah (narrations about Mohammad’s sayings and deeds) regarding the fighting (jihad) against disbelievers, enforcing of a poll-tax on Jews and Christians who live under the rule of the Islamic State, taking non-Muslims women as sex-slaves during war, wife beating under certain conditions, punishing those of wage war against Islam by execution, crucifixion and amputation, condemning sodomy as an “evil” act and executing married men and women who were convicted of fornication by stoning them to death.

The following is an excerpt from the chapter “Frequently Asked Questions about Islam”:

“Q: What does Jihad mean — linguistically and practically?

“A: Jihad linguistically means the process of ‘exerting the best efforts,’ involving some form of ‘struggle’ and ‘resistance’ to achieve a particular goal. In the Qur’an this word has been used in different connotations —entailing to struggle in the way of God, verbally, monetarily and physically. In the context of war, the Qur’an legislates the performance of Jihad in order to make His word the highest in the land, defend or establish the religion, remove oppression from weak men, women and children and to remove turmoil and corruption. A point to note — there are strict laws governing the engagement of the enemy and the treatment of prisoners of war— all of which was laid down by God and demonstrated by His Prophet.”

The following are excerpts from the book presenting Quranic verses followed by modern interpretation:


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