White Woman Steals Black Man From Under The Nose Of A Black Woman – Becky Strikes!

Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock


I had a feeling that this form of sniper strike would start occurring, to be honest in 2016 it isn’t very difficult for many black men to cross the fence and start dealing with non black women, with black women as a collective openly engaging in dysfunctional and destructive behaviour on the daily, the decision to abandon them has been made so much easier.

What Emma witnessed in the mall is an all too common scenario, black women have absolutely no decorum whatsoever, they always feel the need to instigate arguments with black men in public, in fact in the average black woman’s eyes the more spectators there are the better. Emma also talked about the fact that this black woman was going off on the man over nothing.

We also know this to be true because honest black men can attest to the fact that black women as a…

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