High-Priced Humiliation

“Masculinity can be extremely toxic to our mental health, both to the people who are pressured to perform it and the people who are inevitably influenced by it. . . . Relevant to this discussion is how masculinity can harm our relationships with people and one’s ability to cope when relationships are difficult or end.”

Claremont College, Oct. 3, 2016

Annual tuition at Claremont College is $50,945 and room and board cost $15,740, and the question is why any parent would pay $66,685 a year to send their son to such an avowedly anti-male institution. If masculinity — the normal behavior of normal males — is inherently “toxic” and harmful in its influence, why shouldn’t Claremont ban males from campus altogether? Well, the school’s football team is currently 4-0, so apparently masculinity has its uses in academia, and as long as parents don’t mind their sons being insulted by the administration of this elite private college, the cognitive dissonance will continue.

In a statement to the Claremont Independent, Sabine Scott, a leader of the “Masculinity + Mental Health” event, said it was “a productive conversation” which “empowered both the men and women.”

Exactly how it is empowering to men to insult them as “toxic,” Ms. Scott did not explain, but no one expects college girls to make sense nowadays. Daddy spends $66,685 a year to send his precious princess to one of the most expensive schools on the West Coast, where she learns to spew a lot of trendy jargon and nothing else is required of her.

If nothing else, this administration-approved insult to male students  — and the failure of anyone on campus to object to it — probably answers my question, “Why Does Claremont Need a ‘Queer Resource Center’?

UPDATE: Oh, I guess there was at least one complaint:

“If masculinity is described as something negative — a mental illness — then this is sexism against men,” stated Will Gu [a freshman] in an email to the Independent. “Safe spaces . . . are supposed to make everyone feel comfortable. Criticizing masculinity makes males who adhere to traditional gender norms uncomfortable.”

Whining about “sexism against men” is weak sauce, Will. Male students at Claremont are being insulted by Sabine Scott and her feminist allies, and this insult — anti-male hate propaganda — is tacitly endorsed by the official authority of the college administration. Claremont collects $66,685 a year per student, thus requiring parents of male students topay for these insults against their sons. Indeed, the anti-male agenda promoted by Sabine Scott is a regular part of the Claremont curriculum, thanks to the Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies program.

Do not whine about being insulted, Mr. Gu — do something.

If there is still any male student at Claremont who has any shred of self-respect, he ought to withdraw from the college, and publicly announce this in a letter to the student newspaper explaining that the reason for his departure is the vicious hostility toward males on campus fomented by hate-filled feminist fanatics like Sabine Scott. It would be better for a young man to attend a community college or a second-tier state university than to be expected to tolerate insults for $66,685 a year at a posh playground for Special Snowflakes™ like Claremont.

Hell, boy, I’d rather drive a forklift than to put up with that nonsense.




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