Abe throws water on snap election speculation



Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Tuesday he is “not thinking at all” about dissolving the House of Representatives, addressing recent speculation he could call a snap election as soon as January next year.

At the same time, Abe said he cannot rule out dissolving the chamber prior to a review of lower house electoral constituencies expected by May next year.

Speaking at a lower house budget committee session, Abe expressed his understanding that his discretion to dissolve the lower house will not be affected by the redistricting plan, aimed at lessening a disparity in the weight of votes between sparsely and densely populated constituencies.

Abe made the remarks in response to a question by Yuichi Goto, a lawmaker from the main opposition Democratic Party.

Goto asserted that any dissolution of the lower house prior to electoral district reform would be “in a state of unconstitutionality,” echoing language used by the Supreme Court to describe the last lower house race in December 2014 due to the vote weight disparity at the time.

“Even under these circumstances, a Cabinet decision to dissolve the House of Representatives would not be denied based on the public offices election law and other (laws),” Abe said.

Expectations that Abe could dissolve the chamber before an ordinary Diet session convenes in January have swelled following comments Sunday by Hakubun Shimomura, executive acting secretary general of Abe’s Liberal Democratic Party, who said such an event “could happen.”

By law, lower house lawmakers are elected to four-year terms, but the prime minister reserves the sole right to dissolve the chamber at any time.


Canada: More taxpayer-funded sharia segregated swimming, males banned


Early morning on October 10, 2016 is the next shariah-compliant swim at Coqutlam Aquatic Centre, BC, a local property tax-funded public recreation facility.

Freedom of Information documents reveal that the ‘women only’ event was started after lobbyists from the local significant-size Persian community (do they represent the Bahai’s and secularists also?) asked City Hall to not have to swim in mixed company.

Boys under five years of age will be the only males permitted to swim. Men even entering the lobby will be asked to leave. Respondent questionnaires reveal that some women feel uncomfortable being ‘ogled’ and bullied. And just who might those men be doing the bullying?

Windows will be covered over and no male staff will be present. This means no male cashiers or cleaners, not just no male lifeguards.

Didn’t we fight this sort of sectarian and sexist crap in the 1970s and 1980s? Canada is going backwards! But this ultra-conservatism disguised as feminism is limited mostly to the politicians and civil service. According to my random polling, most swimmers are opposed to special accommodation for Muslims. And not so surprisingly, it is Muslim men who are the most enthusiastic supporters of shariah swims, more than the women.

And a quick look confirms the schedule on the website of the City Centre Aquatic Complex

Women’s  Swims

We are offering extended hours on statutory holidays for women only swims. From 8 – 10 a.m. we will be open to women only and with female staff. Regular admission rates apply.

  • Upcoming swims: Mon, Oct. 10 | Fri, Nov. 11 | Mon, Dec. 26

Also from the coquitlam.ca website:

Please share your feedback and comments about our programs and tell us how we’re doing.

We used the word “more” in the title because it’s not the first time sharia supremacists have taken over Canada’s public swimming pools.

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