Pro Male Genocide, Female rapist defending Guardian Attacks Gay, Feminist, Sex Assault Victim, Declares Europe’s Migrant Rape Epidemic ‘Made Up’

The Guardian’s U.S. bureau appears to have denied the Rotherham and Cologne rape scandals as “made up” while attacking a gay, feminist, sexual assault victim and Breitbart contributor, claiming her experiences of sexually aggressive migrant men is “openly, wildly racist”.

The sex assault-denying Guardian has attempted to discredit an article by former left-wing activist and LGBT and women’s rights campaigner Anne-Marie Waters who wrote an article in October 2015 which was subsequently tweeted out by Donald Trump Jr on Tuesday morning.

The paper’s U.S. election live blog said of the article: “What Donald Trump Jr is tweeting here would very comfortably appear in the feeds of the white nationalist accounts he approvingly retweets”. Author Tom McCarthy adds: “The Breitbart story [sic: it is an op-ed], a tourist’s out-of-nowhere description of a made-up gang-rape epidemic in Europe, is not only openly, wildy racist, describing a continental crisis of white European women under assault by “Middle Eastern-looking men” – the racist Breitbart piece is also breathtakingly unhinged from reality”.

Australia’s most prestigious acting school, NIDA, is staging a play called #KillAllMen.



Date/Time: 19 Oct 2016 – 25 Oct 2016
By Nakkiah Lui
Directed by Anthea Williams
Eight women create an internet utopia where they discuss the most intimate details of their lives, the most righteous, and the most hilarious. Dating, camming, work, love, and how to be an out and proud feminist. But when one of them disappears after being attacked everything changes. #KillAllMen suddenly moves from joke to reality.
19–25 October, 8pm
20 October, 2pm
NIDA Theatres, Space
Featuring NIDA graduating Acting, Costume, Design for Performance, Properties and Objects, Technical Theatre and Stage Management and Staging students.
Suitable for adult audiences.

Commissioned by NIDA with support from the Nick Enright AM Bequest

Tickets on sale soon.

Woman, 37, admits sexual activity with boy, 14

Barbara Ellen:

do we seriously think that a female teacher sleeping
with a male pupil is on a par with a male teacher sleeping
with a girl pupil? I don’t.


20 September 2016 1:15PM

A woman wept in court as she admitted engaging in sexual activity with a 14-year-old boy.

Angela Gatt, 37, appeared at Carlisle Crown Court today and was told she must now sign the sex offenders’ register.

Gatt had previously denied a charge of sexual activity with the child and was due to go on trial this week.

But during a short hearing this afternoon in front of Judge Barbara Forrester she changed her plea to guilty.

No details about the offence, which occurred in north Cumbria on June 21 last year, were outlined in court and Judge Forrester adjourned the case until October 18.

Gatt – a mother to two young daughters – will learn her fate on that date.

However, Judge Forrester indicated she was considering either a suspended prison term or a community order.

Background information was requested by the judge and Gatt, of Dalrymple, Ayr, was remanded on conditional bail.

Woman had 2 children with underage boy

Barbara Ellen:

do we seriously think that a female teacher sleeping
with a male pupil is on a par with a male teacher sleeping
with a girl pupil? I don’t.


DENVER – Denver investigators say a 33-year-old woman had a relationship with an underage boy and had two children with him.

The Denver District Attorney charged Alicia Hernandez with sex assault on a child and sex assault.

According to the arrest affidavit, on September 6, DPD sex crimes unit received a report of an inappropriate sexual relationship from Denver Department of Human Services.

The victim, now 18, was 14 at the start of the relationship and Hernandez was 29-years-old at the time.

According to court records, the victim told police he met Hernandez at Garfield Park four years ago and told her he was 18. The victim told investigators after a year of dating, the couple had sex, Hernandez got pregnant and their first child was born in June of 2013.

Hernandez told police she did indeed meet the victim at a park. She believed they conceived their first child in August or September of 2012. According to court records, Hernandez then got pregnant again and their second child was born in January of 2015.

Denver DA’s office says Hernandez has been released from custody on a $50,000 bond. She’s scheduled back in court in October.

Japan to decide by end of month on expanded SDF peacekeeping protection role

The government plans to make a decision by the end of this month over whether to expand the role of the Self-Defense Forces under the new security laws, allowing them to undertake rescue missions of foreign troops under attack during U.N. peacekeeping operations.

The SDF is also scheduled to start a joint exercise with the U.S. military next month under the assumption that the new regulations — which allow the right to collective self-defense — are approved.

Collective self-defense is the right to aid allies under armed attack, even if Japan itself is not attacked.

The concept was a key part of the controversial security laws that were passed by the Diet on Sept. 19, 2015.

On Wednesday, a Ground Self-Defense Force unit set to be dispatched to South Sudan in November to join U.N. peacekeeping operations began practical training for rescuing nongovernmental organization members and others under attack in remote locations.

The government will make a decision on the SDF’s new role after assessing progress in the GSDF unit’s training and the overall security situation in the African country at an upcoming National Security Council meeting.

It will also decide whether to give the SDF another new task of jointly protecting camps during peacekeeping operations with troops of other countries.

Once the decisions are made, the government will at a Cabinet meeting revise the current operational plans for SDF dispatches. The decision will also allow the SDF to begin training in preparation for situations that fall under the purview of collective self-defense.

In October and November, all three branches of the SDF are slated to participate in the Keen Sword exercise with the U.S. military. Those drills will be held in waters around Japan, where the SDF will practice, among other scenarios, defending a U.S. warship from attack.

The security laws also allow Japan to provide ammunition to the U.S. military and refuel U.S. jets when Japan itself is not under direct attack.

Tokyo and Washington are expected to sign a revision to the bilateral acquisition and cross-servicing agreement (ACSA) to enable such cooperation soon. The Abe government is aiming to have the revised ACSA enacted during the extraordinary Diet session that begins next Monday.

Still, observers say the government has its work cut out for it in explaining to a skeptical public the need for Japanese troops being deeply involved in operations with the U.S. military.