Pro jihad Imam recited the Quran at Alberta Legislature


“The sounds of the Qur’an reverberated off the marble pillars in Alberta’s legislature rotunda Wednesday night as part of Eid al-Adha celebrations,” the Edmonton Journal reported. The newspaper posted a photo gallery from the event accompanied with the following caption: “Imam Jamac Hareed recited from the Holy Quran during the Celebration of the Muslim Festival of Eid-Al-Adha at the Alberta Legislature in Edmonton, Alberta on Wednesday, September 14, 2016.”

Imam Jamac Usman Hareed, a native of Somalia, serves as the Imam at Markaz Ul Islam Edmonton.Hareed, who studied Islamic studies and Shariah law in New Castle, South Africa and Arabic in Yemen, was as of March 2015 the Imam of the MAC [Muslims Association of Canada] Islamic Center (Rahma Mosque) in Edmonton, Alberta. He is also invited to lead prayers and deliver sermons at mosques across Canada and abroad.

At Eid-Al-Adha ceremony in Alberta’s legislature rotunda, Imam Jamac Usman Hareed recited verses from Surah Al-Hajj (The Pilgrimage), chapter 22 of the Quran. Surah al-Hajj deals with the commandment of Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca, the warnings upon people who do not follow the teachings of Mohammad and the struggles against the disbelievers, the idolaters and polytheists. It reminds the Muslim believers that Allah exterminated the peoples who rejected the message of Islam. To see picture from the event click HERE.

Two days before reciting the Quran at Alberta’s Legislature, Imam Jamac Usman Hareed delivered the Eid al-Adha’s sermon at Edmonton EXPO Centre and among other things said the following (originally in Arabic):

O Allah, help our brothers, the Muslims everywhere, and particularly those who are carrying out the jihad in His [Allah’s] path of Him [Allah] and fighting in His [Allah’s] path and making the word of Allah superior and and the word of those of do not believe [in Islam] inferior.”

Imam Jamac Hareed recited in recent years supplications to Allah asking Him to support the mujahideen (jihad fighters). In one of these videos bearing the the title: “WAKE UP MUSLIMS!” Imam Jamac Hareed said (originally in Arabic 05:09-05:23):

O Allah, protect the mujahideen around the world, who are waging jihad in His [Allah] path and striving to make His word superior.”

He also asked Allah to give victory to the mujahideen in Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and Burma.

This video ends with a recorded message of the American-born al-Qaeda’s terrorist leader Anwar al-Awlaki. The message starts with the following slides: “A Message to the Muslim Ummah. If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.” Then Awlaki is addressing the American Muslims:

How can your conscience allow you to live in a peaceful co-existence with a nation that is responsible for the tyranny and crimes committed against your own brothers and sisters? How can you have your loyalty to a government that is leading the war against Islam and Muslims?My advice to you is this. You have two choices: either hijra [emigrating to the Islamic State] or jihad. You either leave or you fight.”

The video was produced by M2Mproductions100 and was published on its YouTube channel on December 4, 2012. This YouTube channel contains hundreds of videos featuring Imam Jamac Hareed’s sermons, lectures and recitation of the Quran.

Imam Jamac Hareed encouraged his followers to subscribe to M2Mproductions100 YouTube channel for promoting the message of Islam. He also shared on his Facebook page the aforementioned video “WAKE UP MUSLIMS!

Imam Jamal Hammoud recited verses from the Quran at Alberta’s legislature in 2015

In 2015, Imam Jamal Hammoud was invited to Alberta’s legislature to recite verses from the Quran during the Celebration of the Muslim Festival of Eid-Al-Adha at the Alberta Legislature in Edmonton, Alberta.

Hmmoud, a graduate of Al-Madinah Islamic University in Saudi Arabia, is the Imam of al-Rashid Mosque in Edmonton, the senior Imam in Alberta, a member of Canadian Council of Imams and the senior representative in Canada of Lebanon’s Sunni religious authority Dar al-Fatwa (دار الفتوى).

Imam Jamal Hammoud recited at the Alberta Legislature verses from Surah Fussilat, Chapter 41 of the Quran. Surah Fussilat among other things deals with Allah’s punishment upon the disbelievers and reminds the Muslim believers that Allah exterminated the peoples who rejected the message of Islam.

Muslims are yearning for the Islamic army to emerge

In a sermon at the occasion of Eid al-Fitr, the festival of breaking of the fast of Ramadan on August 8, 2013, Hammoud conveyed the following message in part in Arabic (underlined text was translated from Arabic):

The unity of the [Islamic] nation is a priority for every Muslim, should be like that, and we should care about it, and we should work for it.”

From this place, O brothers, we should strive and make a real effort, while eagerly waiting for the difficult birth which this [Islamic] Nation is undergoing. This hard labor that plagues the Islamic nation in this earth from its east to its west.

We are waiting impatiently to the newborn and his birth deprives us from sleeping as we are expecting it every hour and everyday, and it will lead this [Islamic] nation to the right path.

We are expecting [the emergence of] the army that the Prophet Mohammad], peace be upon him, talked about. When this [Islamic] Nation was about to enter Constantinople he said in this regard: ‘Its commander is the best and its army (that will conquer it) is the best’.”

We are waiting for the newborn, for the new leader of this [Islamic] nation. The [Islamic] nation is very strong, this [Islamic] nation is going to be united, this [Islamic] nation has so much to lead, but we are waiting for the leader to be born, God Willing, very soon…”

We are waiting for the easiness coming from God, Gloried and Exalted be He Almighty, sofor this [Islamic] nation to take the direction of leading, because Allah, Gloried and Exalted be He, said in the holy Quran: you have been the best nation that has been raised up for mankind, you command beneficence, and forbid maleficence and believe in Allah‘.”

We are proud of the teaching of Islam, because it is not calling for Muslims or Arabs. The teaching of the holy Quran is for the humanity, for the humanity to work for the cleanliness of the society. We would like to see society… very clean, very strong, people cooperate with each other and that’s the teaching of the holy Quran.”

Many people think that the teachings of the holy Quran only talk about jihad or the bloodshed. No. Islam is the religion of peace, is the religion of tranquility, is the religion of peace, so you greet everyone you meet.”

These are the ethics of Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him. O brothers, we are expecting to see more progress in our world, in our societies and in our courtiers, so peace will spread and security will prevail, God Willing, in the entire globe. We are anguished to see what happens in Syria, Burma, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Somalia, Egypt, Palestine and in other Islamic states and non Islamic states, because we don’t like chaos, we don’t like divisions, we don’t like killing, we don’t like fighting. We like peace, we like people to love each other. That is the teaching of the holy Quran and the way of the prophet Mohammad peace be upon him.”

One day Muslims will become the majority in Canada

Imam Jamal Hammoud was the keynote speaker at a fundraising event held on July 27, 2013 at Al-Hedaya Islamic Centre in Calgary, Alberta (8415 – 52 Street NE Calgary). In his speech Hammoud said the following:

We have reason to get together and to love each other and to go paint and to paint our future especially in country like this [Canada] as minority.

Muslims are minority in this country [Canada] and God Willing (ان شاء الله) in the future they will be, God Willing (ان شاء الله), majority.

So far we are minority, so when we get together this is kind of jihad in a way. Our jihad (جهادنا), our struggling, our jihad, our striving in the path of Allah (في سبيل الله) is our prayer (صلاة), building the mosques (مساجد), building the schools (مدارس), building the Islamic institutions so we keep the community together…

We are the biggest Nation (أمة) together. ’Your nation is one nation'(وهذه امتكم أمة واحدة). The nation (أمة) is one nation (أمة). There is no difference between any nationality, any color, any language. It’s one Nation (أمة) and people are jealous of us, because of our numbers, because of our quantity, because of our quality, and we want, God Willing (ان شاء الله), to improve our quality, so we can achieve more goals in the future.”