Windsor aquatic centre considers capitulating to alcoholics

Demand for alcohol at the Windsor’s downtown pool has prompted management to ask for a liquor license.

Visitors to the pool’s water park request booze almost every week, according to Jennifer Knights, manager at Windsor International Aquatic and Training Centre.

She and her staff are asking the city, which owns the aquatic centre, to allow alcohol sales.

“The intent is for it to be in a very specific location,” Knights said. “It would be a restricted area within the park where people could go and have a drink.”

Pat Wright of Sarnia, Ont. agrees alcohol should be sold at the pool, as long as there are regulations that limit how much people can consume.

“As long as they’re not excessively drinking,” he said.

Alcohol sales at a pool concession stand is not a new idea. Knights realizes many other aquatic centres offer alcohol and Windsor’s aquatic centre has also sold alcohol during larger events held at the facility.

“I think a lot of folks who come in from out of town almost have the expectation, coming to an indoor water park, that alcohol is available,” Knights said.

City council will consider the proposal at its meeting next week. If approved, a private company would sell the alcohol.

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