Jailers Arrested for Allegedly Having Sex with Inmate


Two jailers in Arkansas are now out of jobs after allegedly having sex with an inmate.

Police say former jailers Angela Jacobs and Kiera Viger were having sex with the inmate, Kevin Domerese, at different times in areas not monitored by security cameras, KARK reported.

Court records show the ex-jailers would reportedly take Domerese to unmonitored areas, such as the “sheriff’s office, courtroom, bathroom and a wooded area off jail property” to have sex, according to White County Sheriff Deputy Chief Phillip Miller.

It is not known whether the jailers knew about each other’s alleged relationship with Domerese. Authorities say each woman gave the inmate a cell phone that had nude photos of themselves.

“He was an inmate at the facility, he did not have the ability to consent,” says Miller.

Both women are expected to be in court in September.

Domerese has been imprisoned since 2011 for aggravated robbery and fraud, according toWREG.

He is “a prisoner at the Department of Correction but was at the White County Jail for good behavior.” He has been transferred since the incident.

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