Open letter to the Government of Canada– Are women inferior to men? Can they be sex slaves?

The Honourable Patty Hajdu

Minister of Status of Women

House of Commons, Ottawa

Dear Minister Hajdu,

According to the Mandate Letter from Prime Minister Trudeau, your our overarching goal will be to “ensure government policy, legislation, and regulations are sensitive to the different impacts that decisions can have on men and women.” Additionally, the mandate letter refers to the importance of a “comprehensive federal gender violence strategy.”

It is noted with concern that the Government of Canada, including the Prime Minister and the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, regular interact with organization that openly advocate violent misogynistic polices. In April of 2016, for instance, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sent greetings to the Council of Imams at their annual dinner and commended the Imams of their many years of service to the country. At this meeting, Minister John McCallum received an award for his outstanding service from the same organization.

Dr. Iqbal Al-Nadvi is the Chairperson of Canadian Council of Imams. He was also recently elected as the Emir (President) of Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA). The ICNA openly advocates violence against women and advocates a variety of policy which are openly misogynistic. The syllabus of learning from the ICNA, advocates, among other that:

Women are inferior to men

Wife beating is permissible

Owning slave girls should be legal

A Muslim wife must obey her husband when he calls her to bed

Sex slaves” are permissible in certain circumstance

Pregnant adulteress to be stoned after giving birth

Other key points of the ICNA syllabus are that hell is largely full of women and that Islam is totally incompatible with democracy.

Our own report on extremism in Canadian mosques and schools had its title drawn from an ICNA publication. The youth wing (!) of the ICNA argues that Canadian Muslim youth should be prepare for jihad and become “Lovers of Death.” They further this advice by adding “Life itself shall come searching after you. You should yearn for an honourable death and you will gain perfect happiness. May Allah grant myself and yours the honour of martyrdom in His way!

As the Minister of the Status of Women, we ask you if you will intervene with your cabinet colleagues and question them as to whether they should accept awards or advice from organizations that advocate wife beating, the stoning of single mothers and the general view that women are inferior.

Best regards,

Thomas Quiggin

The Lovers of Death”? Islamist Extremism in Our Canadian Mosques, Schools and Libraries

The article originally appeared on and with permission reprinted by CIJnews.

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