Should conservatives feel sad for Gawker’s shutdown?

Gawker, the gay hard-left gossip website, was forced to shut down yesterday. Hulk Hogan won a $140 million dollar verdict against Gawker for violating his privacy rights when it published clips of a sex tape he made. He won so much money that Gawker had no choice but to be sold off and shut down, a humiliation for Nick Denton, the far-left founder.

Should we feel bad that a media site has been shut down? Should we feel worried about freedom of the press?

Normally, I would say yes. But Gawker was such a vile, hard-left site that they had it coming.

The articles on Gawker fell into several basic varieties:

1) Articles about how proud and virtuous anal sex is, which is the prime transmission source for AIDS.

2) Articles talking about how evil white people are.

3) Articles talking about how evil the police are.

4) Articles talking about how evil men (presumably, non-homosexual men) are

5) Articles talking about how oppressed Muslims are (but only oppressed by white Americans, not by other Muslims in the Middle East who are slaughtering them by the thousands).

While constantly spewing this toxic mix of racist, sexist, anti-American, pro-Islamic, and pro-AIDS agenda, there is little to feel sad for. Other news sources–The New York Times, The Washington Post, the major news networks, and more–have the same agenda, the only difference is that they are just a little bit less direct about it than Gawker, and a little bit less vile in the words they use. Perhaps the most commonly used word on was the word “shit”–perhaps the readers were in love with that word given it’s proximity to anal sex.

Gawker won’t be missed. Pass the popcorn.

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