How Much Does @JessicaValenti Enjoy Her Husband @AGolis’s ‘Male Tears’?

Just about the time Jessica Valenti’s latest book hit the New York Timesbestsellers list, her husband’s business venture went belly-up:

This, the awkwardly named share-one-link-per-day platform, is shutting down at the end of the month, founder Andrew Golis announced over email to users and in a Medium post. The site, launched in 2014, had generated some significant interest among media types, having been invite-only for most of last year. It opened to everyone last fall and began offering automated, curated email newsletters. It recently added a commenting option, and had been exploring sponsorships as well as premium membership options; a new version of its app was featured in the App Store just last month, and Golis was giving it a promotional push just 10 days ago.
Golis explained in his announcement that the lack of funding and any indication of sustainability prompted the decision . . .

You can read the whole thing, but I’m sure you’re less interested in whyThis ended up in the rubbish bin of bankrupt dot-coms than you are incongratulating Jessica Valenti on her husband’s failure. However, to repeat what I’ve said so often, never talk to a feminist:

There are 21 million women ages 20–29 in the United States, most of whom are not hate-filled anti-male ideologues constantly shrieking about how they are being oppressed by the patriarchy. Why, therefore, should the young bachelor bother arguing with a feminist? She hates the mere sight of a man, and certainly doesn’t care to hear any man speak. Learn to walk away.
Of course, feminists generally claim they don’t hate men, even while they’re busy dreaming of putting men in “some kind of camp” (Julie Bindel) or proclaiming their pleasure in “male tears” (Jessica Valenti).
Any man who disagrees with a feminist is a “misogynist,” so that her ideology has the effect of negating the opinions of half the world’s population. And what does Jessica Valenti’s husband Andrew Golis say about this? Nothing.
Well, what could he say? Male silence is necessary to feminism’s success. Feminism is not about equality, because if it were, a man might have the right to his own opinion. Yet any man who says anything to a feminist is condemned as “mansplaining,” in the same way that any man who expresses attraction toward her will be denounced for “objectification,” and if he claims he meant no harm, she’ll give him a lecture about “rape culture.”
Feminism presents men with exactly two options:

1. Damned if you do.
2. Damned if you don’t.

There is no way for a man to win this game, except never to play it, which is why smart men avoid feminists, rather than “crawling around on all fours” in a hopeless attempt to placate the cruel whims of a sadistic Bitch Goddess. . . .

You can read the whole thing at Did I mention I threw in a few Elvis Costello lyrics? Because I’m cool like that, you know.



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