NDRC rejects early opening for Zhuhai-Macau link


Mainland authorities say a planned bridge between Macau and Zhuhai will not be opened to the public, until the link to Hong Kong is also complete.

The National Development and Reform Commission said the work on the link from here is behind schedule and the Macau to Zhuhai stretch is now expected to finish first.

But during a press conference in Beijing, the deputy director of the commission, Hu Zucai, brushed aside suggestions that the Zhuhai-Macau stretch of the bridge could be be opened first.

He said the bridge will be opened to the public only when the entire project is completed.

The bridge was originally scheduled to be completed by the end of this year, but it is now going to be late by at least a year.

Abe to leave for Kenya to attend TICAD



Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is to head for Kenya to attend the Tokyo International Conference on African Development, or TICAD. He hopes to expand the country’s infrastructure investment in Africa and seek closer cooperation on counter-terrorism measures.

Abe will leave Tokyo 2 days before the 6th TICAD opens in Nairobi on Saturday. This is the first TICAD conference to be held in Africa. Japan hosted all of the previous conferences where aid to Africa was discussed with leaders from the continent.

This time, the leaders are expected to discuss an expansion of high-quality infrastructure investment in Africa, such as geothermal power generation utilizing Japanese technology.

Also likely to be on the agenda are prevention of terrorist acts by Islamic extremists and enhancement of health care systems to contain infectious diseases, such as Ebola.

The leaders are to adopt the Nairobi Declaration after wrapping up their discussion on Sunday.

Abe will take with him representatives of about 80 companies, universities, and other organizations in Japan. They plan to stress that Japan’s support will lead to long-term training of human resources.

China has been increasing its presence in Africa through large infrastructure projects.

Ariana Grande who looks like a 12 year old Sued for Copyright Infringement Over “One Last Time”

Yet another pop sensation has been slapped with a lawsuit.

This time, Ariana Grande is under fire for her 2015 chart-topping track “One Last Time,” which songwriter Alex Greggs claims was embodied after the Skye Stevens‘ 2012 single he wrote titled “Takes All Night.”

In documents obtained by E! News, Greggs alleges that “One Last Time” and “Takes All Night” bear similarities “so striking that it is highly likely the works were not created independently of one another,” noting the chorus and lyrics of Grande’s version as a primary catalyst for the legal action.

The lawsuit states, “Although the rhythm of the two compositions may differ to accommodate the prosody of the lyrics, there is substantial similarity on the most important rhythmic placement of the pitches on strong melodic and harmonic beats…” as well as “the use of the lyric statement ‘take(s) [or takeing] you home’ as the final lyric statement…”

Greggs is seeking $150,000 per infringement. Additionally, David Guetta (who wrote “One Last Time”), Rami YacoubCarl Falk, Universal Music Group and Republic Records among others are noted in the lawsuit.

This isn’t the first time the 23-year-old has faced legal trouble over her music. In 2013, the singer was sued for a phrase in “The Way” that Minder Music claimed was a replica from a line in a 1972 disco track called “Troglodyte.”

And just days ago, indie band Sleigh Bells sued fellow pop star Demi Lovato for copyright infringement. The group claims the former Disney darling’s 2015 hit “Stars” was ripped from their 2010 track,”Infinity Guitars.”