Prominent imam reveals goals of dawah, Sharia and to establish ‘ummah’ in Canada

We keep on fooling ourselves in the West that threats of stealth and civilizational jihad are exaggerated, but documented examples keep on cropping up to prove that mainstream, influential Islamic leaders are pushing for global sharia, like the prominent Sheikh Dr. Iqbal Al-Hadvi in Canada, who called for da’wah and a replacement of democracy with sharia law.

Al-Nadvi is Chairperson of the Canadian Council of Imams and President of the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) Canada. The Muslim Brotherhood listed ICNA in its files as among “our organizations and the organizations of our friends.” Al-Nadvi was also previously Director of Al-Falah Islamic School in Oakville, Ontario, Imam of the Muslim Association of Calgary Islamic Center, and member of the University of Calgary chaplaincy team.

Al-Hadvi is a preeminent Islamic scholar who holds his Ph.D. in Sharia law, with a specialization in jurisprudence (Fiqh). He has taught on those subjects at King Saud University in Saudi Arabia “and dealt with various topics such as principles of jurisprudence (Usool Al-Fiqh), Islamic culture, Islamic political thought, Islamic movements, and Fiqh of organization. He has memorized the whole Qur’an (Haafiz).”

In discussing his priorities for ICNA as newly elected president in 2010, Al-Hadvi stated that he, along with the “Shura members,” were…..

“going for retreat in the month of April. We will devise a strategy of how to introduce Islamic movement to Canadian society in Canadian environment.”

He stated more recently in a speech:

 O Allah, we are here to make Dawah….“Our duty is not only to be a good person as an individual. It is also a good duty to train ourselves in organizational structure, and to be, for example, a part of Ummah [Muslim nation] and any organization in which we are working, we are supposed to serve the Ummah [Muslim nation], to bring the Ummah [Muslim nation] back [to its glorious era]….. Islam as a solution for humanity.

A few days after the landslide victory of the Liberal Party in the Canadian federal elections,  Imam Iqbal Nadvi delivered a Friday sermon at Masjid Toronto Mosque and stated:

“Trudeau, like his father, will leave after him a legacy, and “Allah will really use us [Canadian Muslims] here [is Canada] as a carrier of Islam, as a messenger of Islam.”

In an interview to the online show “The Muslim View,” Nadvi also “revealed how the Canadian Council of Imams succeeded in having a meaningful impact in the last federal elections and helped Justin Trudeau to become the Prime Minister.”

Under charitable status laws in Canada, “all ‘partisan’ political activities are prohibited. Partisan means supporting or opposing a political party or candidate for public office.”

Interestingly, back in April, the Canadian Council of Imams also stated its intention to open “deradicalization clinics” to counter extremism. Stealth jihadists routinely condemn violent jihad, but their goal is the same as that of the jihadis: global sharia law.

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