Feminist Icon Kathleen Kane, PA Attorney General, Resigns in Disgrace After 9 Felony Convictions


Pennsylvania attorney general Kathleen Kane, once considered a rising star in the Democratic party thanks to her close ties to Bill and Hillary Clinton, resigned her position on Tuesday after being convicted on nine felony charges.

“I have been honored to serve the people of Pennsylvania, and I wish them health and safety in all their days,” Kane said in a statement announcing her resignation, shortly after the state’s Democratic governor, Tom Wolf, called on her to step down.

Prosecutors are reportedly considering a recommendation of jail time for Kane, whose conviction stems from an investigation into her efforts to leak confidential information in an effort to embarrass her Republican rivals.

Kane had been considered a frontrunner to be the Democratic challenger against Sen. Pat Toomey in 2016 until her legal troubles came to light.

Kane worked for Hillary Clinton on her failed presidential campaign in 2008, and would later end up helping the Clintons rub out a fellow Pennsylvania Democrat who had the misfortune of ending up on their political hit list.

Former Congressman Patrick Murphy endorsed Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton in 2008, and when Kane ran against him for the office of attorney general in 2012, Bill Clinton went out of his way to help Kane defeat the traitor.

It is fairly unusual, if not bizarre, for a former president to involve himself in a state-level race for attorney general.

That’s why so many Democrats are terrified of ending up on the Clintons’ list of political enemies. They never forget, and they will crush you.

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