15-year-old boy admitted after circumcision goes wrong


A 15-year-old boy was admitted to Webuye county hospital on Wednesday morning after his penis was nearly chopped off by a ‘quack’ circumciser.

The class five pupil was rushed to the hospital by relatives after the circumciser’s knife slit almost all of his manhood.

The parents said the boy was not cut by a traditional circumciser but by a doctor who had been called to perform the operation.

The doctor, who has since gone into hiding, is said to have previously circumcised two other boys in the same homestead successfully.

Webuye hospital medical superintendent Patrick Muturo said the minor is responding well to treatment although the damage done was extensive.

Muturo said the quack had lied to the family that he was an experienced medic who knew how to carry out a circumcision.

He asked parents to take their children to hospitals and health centres instead of trusting “people who have never been to medical class”.

“[Such people] come with cheaper prices … carrying with them scissors and items that are not sterilized and yet you don’t even know how many people he has cut with the scissors,’’ he said.

He asked police to crack whip and arrest all those people who are tainting the image of doctors by transversing in village’s circumcising boys.

A source from the hospital that sought anonymity said that close to 14 boys have been treated at the facility in similar circumstances.

This comes even as Bungoma county director of culture Augustine Mayabi warned circumciser against forcing their way to cut children without parent’s approval.

This right of passage, which takes place in the month of August, will see hundreds of boys from the Tachoni and Bukusu communities in Transzoia, Bungoma, Kakamega and parts of Busia face the cut.


A 65-year old man who nearly chopped off a penis during a circumcision exercise has been charged with inflicting severe injury.

Jared Khisa alias Panadol from Sinoko area in Webuye East constituency pleaded guilty to the charge before resident magistrate Chrispinus Oruwo on Friday.

But Khisa denied allegations that he was a quack saying he had more than eight years experience.

”Nothing like this has ever happened. This was bad luck,” he said.

Khisa was arrested on Monday at the home of the 15-year old boy.

He will be detained at the Bungoma government prison for 14 days for police to complete investigations.

The prosecution opposed his bail application saying he was likely to interfere with the probe.

The boy was taken to Webuye county hospital.

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Bungoma East CID boss Paul Mumo warned unqualified people from performing circumcisions saying they will be arrested and jailed.

He said more than 14 cases have been reported.

2.1 million Kenyan men abused by women: Report


At least 2.1 million men are abused daily by women in Kenya, according to a new report by Maendeleo ya Wanaume (Mawa).

The gender based watchdog has consequently raised the red flag over the increasing figures which it says have reached alarming levels.

Mawa chairman Ndiritu Njoka in a new book set to be launched next month says the number of men who are abused daily by their spouses increased from 1.5 million in 2009 to 2.1 million this year

“The worst hit by the abuses are the elderly men from the age of 60 with the findings revealing that 95 per cent of them are physically, emotionally and economically abused,” said Mr Ndiritu.

According to the research, whose findings form a chapter in his book Coup de Grace: Gender Apartheid 1st World War of Sexes, Mr Ndiritu says that abuse against men is carried out in all manner of forms including battering and inflicting of bodily harm.

“People think gender based violence is all about battering but the matter is big. The denial of the man as the head of the house and being forced to do menial jobs like cooking, laundry and baby-sitting among other domestic chores all constitute abuse,” he said.

Nairobi County is said to be leading the counties where men are domestically abused with 82 per cent of those interviewed confessing to being a survivor of emotional, physical and economic violence.


Kiambu, Mombasa, Nyeri and Kirinyaga make up the other top five counties where violence towards men is rampant while minimal cases were reported in West Pokot, Turkana, Taita Taveta and Elgeyo Marakwet counties.

According to Ndiritu, even the recent reports of acts of bestiality across the country have been occasioned by the growing tendency by women to deny their spouses the conjugal rights.

“It is an alarming trend that must be reverted at the earliest opportunity. Men being denied their conjugal rights is real and there is need for quick intervention because resorting to acts of bestiality is not the solution,” he said on Monday in an interview with Daily Nation.

The book contains letters addressed to US president Barack Obama and the UN council where Mr Ndiritu has proposed November 11 to be set aside as the day to protest against gender violence against men.

“We are also urging our men to shun their spouses and girlfriends on that day as a way of emancipating themselves from this cold war of the sexes,” he adds.

Woman charged with sexual assault after 13 year old fathers child

Barbara Ellen:

do we seriously think that a female teacher sleeping
with a male pupil is on a par with a male teacher sleeping
with a girl pupil? I don’t.



FREMONT, Neb. (WOWT) — A sexual assault case involving an adult accused of conceiving a child with a minor is now moving through the court system in Fremont, Nebraska.

Josh Hazelrig, at just 15-years-old, is the father of a toddler. At 13 years old, Josh became a father. He met the then 19-year-old mother during a sleepover at a friend’s house. Well below the age of consent, Josh is a sexual assault victim.

“I was 13 and there was alcohol supplied, so I was not in the right state of mind,” he told Six on Your Side. “I know what sex is, but I never thought of the risk of not using a condom. I was never thinking about the risk of having a child.”

The child’s mother is 21-year- old Brianne McIntosh; she’s been charged with felony first degree sexual assault and child abuse. Dodge County Attorney Oliver Glass says he’ll prosecute the sexual assault case like any other case.

“You hear the jokes, ‘oh good for him’ and that kind of stuff, but no…the trauma for either sex can be real and therapy may be needed,” said Glass. “It’s the first case I can recall that I’ve had where the sexes had been reversed.”

Barely a teenager, Josh has adult responsibilities. While most 15 year old boys are out camping or swimming, Josh is performing fatherly duties like changing diapers and lots of them.

Josh’s mother Kim Hazelrig said even though she can see the love and care her son gives his son, she wants justice. Kim wants the justice system to treat him as a victim of statutory rape.

“I think it was a manipulative game played on a then 13 year old boy and just because it’s a boy does not mean she should walk away from a crime,” Kim said.

The 17-month-old toddler is now a ward of the state placed with Kim and Josh.

“I love my child but it’s kind of overwhelming sometimes and that’s why I have my family here to help me,” he said.

Josh is learning to be a dad when most kids his age think about a learners permit.

McIntosh is now 21 and faces two felonies that could put her in prison for up to 50 years. She does have supervised visitation. McIntosh declined comment and WOWT’s calls to her attorney haven’t been returned.


Amazon ‘Anti-Abuse’ Employee Exposed As Pro-Doxing In GamerGate Sting

leftist scum in action!


An online cabal of Social Justice Warriors (SJWs), including an “internet abuse specialist” who works for Amazon, have been implicated in a conspiracy to reveal a Twitter user’s personal information before unleashing an online “witch hunt” against them.

“Doxing,” short for “dropping documents,” is the practice of revealing someone’s personal identifying information on the web for the purpose of online harassment. It’s commonly used by internet trolls as an intimidation tactic, or as a precursor to an online public shaming mob.

Leftist opponents of the GamerGate movement, more than any other group on the internet, have tried to portray themselves as opposed to all forms of online harassment, including doxing. They’ve even set up organizations, albeit of dubious effectiveness, to combat the problem.

Yet a sting operation by GamerGate supporters has exposed some of their leading members as perfectly willing to dox, harass, and intimidate their opponents on the web.

Earlier this week, a longtime GamerGate supporter known only by the pseudonym “Mombot,” revealed internal chatlogs from the Crash Override Network (CON), a Twitter-partnered “anti-harassment” organization set up by GamerGate nemesis Zoe Quinn. This came after several women had come forwardto accuse Robert Marmolejo, a male feminist volunteer for the organization, of sexual harassment.

In response, anti-GamerGate began a frantic scramble to expose Mombot’s real identity. Deeply involved in the effort was Israel “Izzy” Galvez, who describes himself on LinkedIn and his personal website as an “anti-abuse” specialist for Amazon.com.

Galvez has previously spoken out against doxing and online abuse, yet it is now revealed that he pushed for the release of Mombot’s “dox” because, according to Galvez, mombot is a “f***ing menace.”

“Usually I am against this stuff” said Galvez, in a leaked Twitter DM conversation. “But this someone who gets away with all their abuse because of their mask. If they are unmasked and cower away for a long time, I am OK with that.”

Elsewhere in the DM conversation, Galvez discussed harnessing trolls from 4chan and the GNAA (Gay N***ers Association of America), a notorious trolling group, to go after mombot.

Little did Galvez know, he and his fellow SJWs were being strung along by GamerGate. Their DM group, the full membership list of which is posted below, had been assembled by a GamerGate supporter posing as an opponent of the movement.




Matt Myers, another member of the group, had also spoken out against doxing previously.Yet, inside the chat group, he can be seen urging other members not to “miss out on any humiliating pictures or details” about Mombot, and gloating about their target “freaking out” as their personal information was revealed.


“Rudderhouse,” the creator of the group, was the secret GamerGate supporter who enticed Galvez and the others with promises of Mombot’s personal information.

The plan had in fact been in operation since April, when Rudderhouse first began posing as a social justice warrior and “redeemed” GamerGate supporter.

Around the same time, Mombot and Rudderhouse set up a fake Facebook account for “Zach Miller,” a wealthy 32-year old white man from Los Angeles, who makes frequent trips between L.A. and Japan, where Mombot claims to live. The profile was filled with pictures taken from another Facebook account to make it appear genuine.

Galvez and the other SJWs were successfully duped into thinking that “Zach Miller” was Mombot’s real identity, despite the fact that Mombot claims to be female, a mother, and Japanese.

As soon as the SJWs believed they had found Mombot’s identity, they took to Twitter to spread the information far and wide. As they were doing so, their tweets were methodically archived by Mombot and Rudderhouse to provide a permanent record of their participation in an attempted doxing.

Some of the members in the group openly gloated about having “exposed” Mombot. Some SJWs on Twitter, including feminist film editor Ashley Lynch, objected to the attempted dox. However, everyone who was a part of the group participated in spreading the information.



Israel Galvez took a different approach. After Mombot temporarily locked their Twitter account (in an effort to convince SJWs they had succeeded), Galvez defended the doxing. But he also claimed to have no knowledge of what had happened — a brazen lie.


The Rudderhouse leaks are the latest example that the web’s social justice warriors are everything they claim their opponents are. Breitbart Tech has already exposed Randi Harper, another prominent SJW, as a serial online abuser. Zoe Quinn’s Crash Override Network is facing allegations that one of its volunteers sexually harassed women on social media. And now Galvez, another prominent supporter of CON, has been exposed as an online abuser.

As for Mombot, her real identity remains unknown, and they refuse to break anonymity. A chess grandmaster, perhaps. Or some kind of political mastermind. But probably not “Zach Miller.”

We have reached out to Amazon and Israel Galvez for comment.

Woman’s Magazine Elle Puts A Man On Its Cover


Women’s fashion magazine Elle has decided to stop focusing on its four letter title, French for “Her,” and has placed Hari Nef, a 23-year-old man who graduated from the theater program at Columbia University last year on its September, 2016 cover.  Hari was not available for comment, and therefore I am unable to confirm whether this is masterful acting by the cunning theater major Hari, able to troll photographers, makeup artists, editors, and publishers into believing he is a hot woman, or the staff of top selling Elle magazine forgetting what their nameplate means

Hari grew up in a single parent home in Massachusetts.  His mother was a saleswoman, and he expressed some discomfort as a teenager, and after moving to NYC to study drama at Columbia, began dressing in “genderless clothes” and upon graduation landed a modeling gig and performed his first catwalk in 2015 during New York Fashion Week.

Apparently, Hari still has most of the associated cues of being a male.  He states:

“I could have hidden in Boston and lived at home for 3 years, gone through my transition, taken voice lessons to make my voice more feminine, gotten gender reassignment surgery, and spent time to complete my transition, but I didn’t want to wait.  I wanted to be in the world,”

He states that he still sounds, acts, and looks like a man, and likely has kept the frank and beans like role model Bruce.


Hari is attracted to and dates other men, stating

“in an ideal world, I wouldn’t have to change my body.  I wouldn’t have to do all this stuff.  I wouldn’t have to be pretty, or feminine, and people would respect that.”

Well, I wouldn’t go so far as to respect anything besides your privacy, but yes, if you just shut up and quietly lived your gay life without calling attention to yourself, and without the theatrics of pretending to actually be female, or “gender shifting” or any of the other 31 flavors of the month, then many people wouldn’t have a problem with you.

As recently as 15 years ago, this would be 100% pure humor.  While I did chuckle at this story, and several of the photos are rather humorous, the fact is, today, this is taken seriously by much of America.   As the film Zoolander parodied, models are not always dressed in the most feminine of clothing, and indeed many models have an androgynous look.

But the culture is changing so rapidly, that a post-millennial kid today would be confused by the plot of many top films of recent memory, such as Silence of the Lambs, which purposefully made the mass murderer Buffalo Bill a cross dresser, reinforcing his depravity and mental illness.

Feminism: Always The Enemy of Fun

But today, a man dressing as a woman is not seen as silly or humorous, as it has throughout most of Western history, but a Proud and Strong and Brave Womyn Expressing Her Inner Strength and Spirit.  While 2001’s Zoolander was a critical and box office success, earning over $30 million in profit from theater sales alone, 2016’s sequel Zoolander 2 was a commercial failure, only barely covering its costs of production.  Add humor to another item in the long list of things feminism has killed.

Where Does It Come From?

Elle Magazine (“Her” Magazine) is owned by a French conglomerate, and the American version is published by Hearst Media, a privately held and controversial publisher founded by William Randolph Hearst, that once held a monopoly on major media and today owns interests in hundreds of magazines, newspapers, and TV stations reaching 20% of US viewers, including ESPN, who has worked closely with the NFL in turning football gay.  One can look into the history and background of the major media and see the common source which creates this garbage.

While there will certainly be backlash as elites attempt to define to us what is beauty, what is female, and what is good, the end result is that the vast majority of post-millennials will succumb to this propaganda and never know the truth.  When the majority of their classmates are fat, gross, prepubescently-sexually active, and genderqueer, they will never be exposed to real beauty.

While corporations like Elle can save money by employing mentally ill workers that don’t have to be told to “look confused and depressed”, they are destroying the basic biological imperatives of humanity.  Hari Nef has already been hired for television work and will be coming to a network near you soon.  Throw away your TV and tune out the offensive degenerate media

Volunteer For Zoe Quinn’s Twitter-Partnered ‘Anti-Harassment’ Organization Accused Of Sexual Harassment

Another another emasculated feminist male caught with his pants down!


A male feminist deeply involved in Zoe Quinn’s Twitter-partnered “anti-harassment” organization, Crash Override Network, has been accused of harassing, stalking, and abusing female victims, in a series of tweets and leaked chat logs from the organization’s supporters.

Robert Marmolejo, who is reported to have helped manage Crash Override’s social media accounts, allegedly used his position and connections to abuse around twenty women online. Ghostbusters producer Amy Pascal bought the rights to create a movie based on the Crash Override organization last year, after the media made Zoe Quinn’s battle with GamerGate into a national issue. However it is unknown as to whether the movie will still be produced.

Self-proclaimed pedophile, Sarah Nyberg was also active in Crash Override’s chat, according to logs that were released on the web earlier this week. Crash Override have not contested the legitimacy of the logs.

A former member of the group confirmed that the logs were accurate. They also confirmed that Marmolejo had a privileged position in the group.

“I don’t know whether he was [a social media manager] or who had access to social media accounts apart from Zoe and Alex [Lifschitz], but he definitely had privileged access to information and dox [personal information] of the women who came looking for help” said the source. “[Crash Override] operated a semi-anonymous chat channel  as a sort of counselling room for people who needed advice. Members of CON would pop in under anonymous accounts to offer support.”

Besides being funded by Feminist Frequency, a Twitter  “Trust and Safety Council” member, Crash Override has also been described as an “official Twitter partner” and “official Twitter trusted safety resource.” Breitbart Tech have reached out to both Crash Override and Twitter to ask whether any sensitive data could have been provided to the accused abuser through their partnership, but we have yet to receive any reply.

Marmolejo, who was previously an active anti-GamerGate activist, and had repeatedly labelled conservative actor Adam Baldwin, and YouTubers TotalBiscuit and Sargon of Akkad as “misogynistic”, “sexist”, and “anti-woman,” deactivated his Twitter account after a series of apologetic tweets confessing to having “f**ed up.”

Anti-GamerGate web developer, “Internet Abuse Specialist”, and feminist Izzy Galvez, who also happened to have been a member of the secret Crash Override group, tweeted on Saturday to confirm the allegations.

“If you’re catching up: Over 20 women have come forward & revealed that Rob/UnseenPerfidy had sexually harassed them over DMs, Skype, etc” announced Galvez.

“Some of this abuse goes back for years. For those of us who weren’t abused, we learned he lied to us about his relationship w/ his victims… I’m speechless. This whole thing is so upsetting and gross. Please believe women and please support his victims. I’m devastated… Also, even though each victim’s voice is enough, Rob admitted to the abuse before deactivating his accounts. So there’s that…”


Galvez also claimed to have cut all ties to Marmolejo after he learned of the first victim, posting “I immediately cut off all ties with Rob when I was only aware of one victim. To see the number keep rising (now 20+) has been gut-wrenching.”

Why Galvez, or any other members of Crash Override, decided not to warn potential victims or make a statement about Marmolejo after learning of his alleged harassment is unknown, but Galvez’s tweet reveals that he was aware of the allegations against Marmolejo for some time before going public.

Marmolejo appears to have confessed to wrongdoing shortly before deactivating his Twitter account, posting “TFW you do something really f***ed up and there’s no way to make amends. I’m truly and deeply sorry. There’s nothing I can do to make things right, but I’m sorry I f***ed up tremendously.” He did not confess to any specific allegations.

Anti-GamerGate icon and self-proclaimed pedophile, Sarah Nyberg, who also appeared in the group’s leaked chat logs was exposed last year after leaked logs from Nyberg’s forum were released, showing her open obsession for her eight-year-old cousin.

In the leaked forum logs, Nyberg also revealed her sexual fantasies for other young children, admitted to hosting and owning pictures of “pre-teen models”, and shared her plans to photograph and groom her underage cousin. The addition of Nyberg in the Crash Override group means that at least two alleged sexual predators have been involved in the organization.

Movie producer and disgraced ex-Sony chairman, Amy Pascal, is set to be producing a movie based on the overrated, and quite frankly non-existent, Crash Override Network, after purchasing the rights from Zoe Quinn last year.

The movie would no doubt be a feminist-themed flick like her recently produced movie,Ghostbusters, but it is currently unknown as to whether it will now happen, or who she will cast as the “anti-harassment” group’s two resident alleged sex offenders. Will the plot include the part where an alleged twenty women were sexually harassed due to the alleged negligence of the movie’s hero Zoe Quinn, or will Pascal opt to gloss over certain aspects of the organization’s history?

It’s entirely possible that Crash Override has inadvertently caused more harassment than prevented, with members Sarah Nyberg and Rob Marmolejo, who are now both dogged by allegations of sexual impropriety, being given access to the information as well as a position of power over potential victims.

Meanwhile, the actual “anti-harassment” organization, which is financially backed by Anita Sarkeesian’s Feminist Frequency and “partnered” with Twitter, consists of nothing more than just an email “hotline,” a handful of internet safety guidesand a verified Twitter account that hasn’t been updated since April.


Ghostbusters made it evident that Pascal’s feminist fan fiction is neither popular nor profitable, and it is doubtful that a movie based on an anti-harassment organization staffed by an alleged sexual harasser and a self-proclaimed pedophile will be approved by any other executives at Sony.

The alleged leaked chat logs also contained numerous references to Breitbart’s Milo Yiannopoulos, with members discussing a Crash Override “card” based on him, as well as tactics to take Yiannopoulos down. It is unknown as to what information was contained on the “card.”

Charlie Nash is a reporter for Breitbart Tech. You can follow him on Twitter @MrNashington or like his page at Facebook.