Twin Falls Police Report: Shocking Details of Latest Refugee Sex Assault

TWIN FALLS, IDAHO — The victim’s mother heard her 33-year-old daughter “screaming and crying” as the mentally disabled daughter ran home Saturday afternoon after allegedly being trapped and sexually assaulted by refugee Mohammed Hussein Eldai.

That’s just one of the heartbreaking details in a police report obtained exclusively byBreitbart News that sheds new light on this latest alleged refugee sex attack to hit this small southern Idaho city.

Just as many Americans have begun to learn about the shocking early June attack on a five-year-old girl by three Muslim refugee boys who orally and anally penetrated the girl before urinating on her, this new assault by Mohammed Hussein Eldai doesn’t fit the narrative about the benefits of diversity that the media and politicians try to spin.

In fact, as Breitbart News reported exclusively yesterday, Mohammed Hussein Eldai was actually featured by Twin Falls TV station KMVT in one of those feel-good reports in June.

As you’ll see in this police report, Mohammed Hussein Eldai is not exactly the poster boy for Islam or for refugees that the local media wanted him to be.

While Idaho activists have been called racist repeatedly by local media and politicians for expressing concerns about the refugee program that has brought a growing Muslim population into Twin Falls over the past five years, the two sexual assaults – plus an attempted murder of people met through the refugee program by a Muslim last week in Twin Falls — are making the policy decisions of the city, state and national officials more difficult to defend.

As Breitbart News has begun to outline in an in-depth series of reports, the refugees are being brought to the town not out of some humanitarian desire to help people — but to replace Americans job-seekers with cheap, compliant labor for the local food-processing industry and to help and promote an progressive political agenda for a multicultural, “new America” originally laid out by Clinton administration officials. That means ordinary Americans are suffering from the growing civic and financial costs of the cheap-labor policy imposed by federal and local governments and business groups.

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