Malawi: Police Arrest 2 After Death of Boy in Circumcision Camp – Manslaughter Charge


Malawi Police in Kasungu have arrested an 85 year old man and his 69 year old accomplice following the death of a 13 year old boy in a Yao circumcision camp popularly known as Ndagala.

Kasungu police spokesperson Edna Mzingwitsa confirmed the arrest of Jeke Weremu and Asina Asauka suspected to have been people behind the circumcision of Julius Sayinet who bled to his death two weeks ago after the circumcision went wrong.

Both Weremu and Asauka have since been charged with manslaughter.

Weremu said he was surprised that the boy died after a normal circumcision process, saying the boy was the first to die in his 30 year old career as Ngaliba.

Asauka, on the other hand expressed sadness that the boy had died.

He said he had sent a message to his parents when the boy was not feeling well after he bled severely and the wound on his penis was going bad.

“I thought they would come and take him to hospital,” he said.

The two remain on full police remand in Kasungu.

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