What CBC did NOT say about the campaign to “dispel misconceptions about Islam”


The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) posted on July 24, 2016 an article entitled “Muslims go on cross-country tour to thank Canadians, dispel myths.”

CBC brings the story of a group of Muslims who are touring the country from far east to far west to introduce to non Muslims the “true Islam” which is innocent of terrorism and violence. The Muslim activists belong to the Ahmadiyya branch of Islam.

The following are excerpts from CBC’s report:

A group of Muslims are on a cross-Canada tour of more than 25 cities to debunk misconceptions about their religion. The roving band of faithful, part of the Ahmadiyyabranch of Islam…

What we’re trying to teach people is that Islam is completely removed from violence and terror,” spokesperson James Sinclair told CBC News. “People who do acts of violence or any type of terrorism or extremism are completely removed from the faith”

Imam Ferhad Ghaffar, who is part of the caravan… added that violent events in the Middle East don’t represent Islam. We want to educate people about the true jihad. The jihad is not a physical war,” Ghaffar said.”

Mainstream Muslim Imams: Ahmadiyya does NOT represent Islam, its believers are apostates

In its annual conference in Mecca, Saudi Arabia in 1974, the World Muslim League representing Muslims scholars from all over the world, adopted a resolution designating Ahmadiyya as a “subversive movement against Islam” and its followers “non Muslims” who do NOT represent Islam because they claim among other things that the jihad was abolished.

The following are excerpts from the Muslim World League’s declaration:

“Qadianism or Ahmadiyya: It is a subversive movement against Islam and the Muslim world, whichfalsely and deceitfully claims to be an Islamic sect; who under the guise of Islam and for the sake of mundane interests contrives and plans to damage the very foundations of Islam. Its eminent deviations from the basic Islamic principles are as follows:

  • Its founder claimed that he was a Prophet.

  • They deliberately distort the meanings of the verses of the Holy Quran.

  • They declared that Jihad has been abolished.

Qadianism was originally fostered by the British imperialism. Hence it has been flourishing under her flag. This movement has completely been disloyal to and dishonest in affairs of the Muslim Ummah. Rather, it has been loyal to Imperialism and Zionism…

All the Muslim organization in the world must keep a vigilant eye on all the activities of Qadianisin their respective countries; to confine them all strictly to their schools, institutions and orphanages only…

They must be declared non Muslims and ousted form the fold of Islam. And be barred to enter the Holy lands.

There must be no dealings with the Qadianis. They must be boycotted socially, economically and culturally Nor they be married with or to Nor they be allowed to be buried in the Muslims graveyards. And they be treated like other non Muslims…”

Senior Canadian Muslim scholar: Followers of Ahmadiyya “cannot be called Muslims”

When asked whether the followers of Ahmadiyya are Muslims, Canadian Ahamd Kutty, a senior resident Islamic scholar at the Islamic Institute of Toronto, ruled the following: “As for Qadianis [followers of Ahmadiyya], they have violated these principles [Islam] when they claimed that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is a prophet. Due to this violation, they cannot be called Muslims and this has also been established by the Ijma (consensus) of Muslims.”

Followers of Ahmadiyya are being prosecuted in Islamic countries. In Pakistan, authorities continue to enforce blasphemy laws and laws designed to marginalize the Ahmadiyya Muslim community. According to Human Rights Watch, Pakistan’s “blasphemy law,” as section 295-C of the Penal Code is known, makes the death penalty effectively mandatory for blasphemy. Under this law, the Ahmadiyya belief in the prophethood of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is considered blasphemous insofar as it “defiles the name of Prophet Muhammad.”

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