SJWs Retreat After Hairy Lesbian Feminist In Cleveland Threatens To Punch Roosh In The Face


As leftists in denial descended on Cleveland to protest Donald Trump’s Presidential nomination, one group of rabid lesbian feminists and some obsequious, effeminate white knights tried to “confront” Roosh—with hilarious results. After racistly telling him to go back to the Middle East, one blonde lesbian SJW in particular took an extreme liking to the Return Of Kings proprietor. With evidently hardened nipples, she threatened to punch Roosh in the face, right in front of local police monitoring the neighbourhood around the Quicken Arena, site of the Republican National Convention.

In typical SJW fashion, though, the lesbian feminist refrained from carrying out her threat. And, hopefully because of the gravity of the event and the potential presence of more serious violence elsewhere, the police did not arrest her, as they almost certainly would have if a male of one political persuasion threatened to punch a female of another one. Along with her fellow lesbian misfits, the blonde lesbian SJW then proceeded to falsely call Roosh a “rapist,” despite earlier refusing to give her name.

There is a probably a good reason why the girl did not identify herself. After all, she could very well be aware that female author S. Jane Gari ran into a lot of trouble this year for making a similar spurious allegation, where litigation is pending. Conveniently, for a group that falsely called Roosh a rapist, the blonde lesbian SJW and her friends did a great job of deliberately hanging around him. So much for trigger warnings and the need for personal safety from supposedly big, bad men.

Tellingly, like a bunch of mollycoddled kindergarteners, their libelous song of “rapist” quickly fizzled when they did not get the reaction they desired. In a world where fake rape accusations usually make a man drag a pretend tail through his knees, Roosh presented an example that others can follow. He simply lapped up the attempted taunts of the lesbian SJWs and their feminized male companions. The SJWs were subsequently stunned and distraught at his indifference. Bear in mind, too, that Roosh is a man who has been literally hounded, slandered and/or hunted by mayors of major metropolises like Toronto and Montreal, weak-minded celebrities like Jemaine Clement, mobs of bar-goers, and hundreds of newspapers.

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