Islamic Racism in Malaysia: Yuna: “I’ve faced more racism from my own race than from Americans”

Following the criticism that she recently faced for hugging fellow performer Usher onstage at a concert,Yuna has spoken up against all the discrimination and outrageous comments that have been thrown at her. These include “perempuan sampah” which literally means female trash in Malay.

Posting a photo of a 2014 Barney’s campaign in which she starred alongside another half-Malaysian model and a Punjabi couple, Yuna wrote that she had been worried that certain fans back home would launch into a fit upon seeing her pose with her neck exposed. However, she asserted that the stylists from Barney’s respected her religious practices and so let her wear a gorgeous shirt dress


The singer then shed some light on the irony of racist comments she has received: “Isn’t it weird, the biggest racism and discrimination that I’ve ever faced, was never from the Americans – it was from my own race. There I’ve said it. They call me ‘perempuan sampah’ and tell me to ‘might as well go naked’. The worst, hurtful & sexist things I’ve ever had thrown to me, were from the lips of the Malays.”

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