Aso, Suga to keep jobs in cabinet reshuffle: sources


Finance Minister Taro Aso and Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga are expected to remain in their posts when Prime Minister Shinzo Abe carries out a cabinet reshuffle on Aug 3, government and ruling coalition sources said Friday.

The prospective lineup indicates Abe is loath to tamper with the framework of a cabinet that has supported the stable running of government during his second term in office.

Komeito, the junior coalition partner of Abe’s Liberal Democratic Party, is poised to request that its lawmaker Keiichi Ishii, who has held the post of transport minister for less than a year, remain in the post, the sources said.

The appointment of LDP executives is expected to take place at the same time as the cabinet reshuffle.

With LDP Secretary General Sadakazu Tanigaki recovering in hospital from injuries sustained in a cycling accident, questions remain over his potential successor, with the likely list including Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida.

The reshuffle follows the ruling bloc’s strong performance in the July 10 House of Councillors election, in which it ran on a platform of continuing the “Abenomics” policy package of monetary easing, large-scale fiscal spending and structural reforms.

Abe has said the election gave him a mandate to move forward with Abenomics and he will likely have the next stage of economic policies in mind when altering the cabinet lineup.

According to a ruling coalition source, Abe is planning a “greater than mid-scale” shakeup in order to achieve a “strong, new lineup,” while retaining the core team of Suga and Aso, who doubles as deputy prime minister.

Olympics minister Toshiaki Endo is also expected to stay on in the reshuffle, in order to focus on preparations for the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics in Tokyo, the sources said.

But the two cabinet ministers who lost their constituency races in the upper house election are likely to be replaced, they said.

Justice Minister Mitsuhide Iwaki lost out in the Fukushima prefectural constituency and Aiko Shimajiri, state minister in charge of issues related to Okinawa and the Northern Territories, fell short in the constituency representing Okinawa.

Abe is also planning to ditch Reconstruction Minister Tsuyoshi Takagi, plagued by political funding issues within his constituency, according to the sources.

Within the LDP executive, Abe has valued Tanigaki’s solid management of the party as secretary general and was tipped to keep him in the role before his hospitalization.

Abe will have to make his decision while observing Tanigaki’s recovery, but there is no sign yet of when the latter will be ready to return to work, the sources said.

Abe had been considering Suga as a potential replacement for Tanigaki but decided he was too valuable in the cabinet, they said.

Apart from Kishida, former chief cabinet secretary and Abe confidant Takeo Kawamura and former Reconstruction Minister Wataru Takeshita are being suggested within the party as possible successors, according to the sources.

The upper house election also installed a sufficient number of lawmakers supportive of reforming the Japanese Constitution to begin debating a potential amendment, which would need to be put to a national referendum.

Abe has long sought to amend the Constitution and will likely aim to keep the debate moving fast, starting with an extraordinary session of the Diet to be held sometime in the fall.

Cross-party constitutional review commissions in each Diet chamber are tasked with picking over proposed amendments. In selecting the heads of the commissions, Abe may seek heavyweights who have a good rapport with the opposition.

A cabinet reshuffle on Aug 3 would come in time to include Endo and sports minister Hiroshi Hase, who are scheduled to depart Japan the following day to attend the opening ceremony of the Rio de Janeiro Olympics.


Namibian men rejecting male genital mutilation


Windhoek- Circumcised and ready for action? These four words that are part of a radio advertisement currently gracing the airwaves have aroused mixed feelings among Namibians.

The advertisement is being run by the health ministry, as part of a campaign to educate and encourage men to opt for voluntary medical male circumcision.

Namibia aims to circumcise 330 000 men by 2025 but since the programme was officially launched in 2014, just above 30 000 have taken up the offer.

Most Namibian men, like Windhoek security guards Simeon Hafeni and Gottlieb Kalandu, are refusing to let go of their foreskins.

Hafeni, who is from the northern regions of the country where circumcision is not compulsory under tribal beliefs, says he does not see any reason for him to be cut.

“What if I get the cut now, and then tomorrow another disease that needs the foreskin comes by?” he asks.

His workmate, Kalandu quips: “God was not a fool to create men with a foreskin.”

SJWs Retreat After Hairy Lesbian Feminist In Cleveland Threatens To Punch Roosh In The Face


As leftists in denial descended on Cleveland to protest Donald Trump’s Presidential nomination, one group of rabid lesbian feminists and some obsequious, effeminate white knights tried to “confront” Roosh—with hilarious results. After racistly telling him to go back to the Middle East, one blonde lesbian SJW in particular took an extreme liking to the Return Of Kings proprietor. With evidently hardened nipples, she threatened to punch Roosh in the face, right in front of local police monitoring the neighbourhood around the Quicken Arena, site of the Republican National Convention.

In typical SJW fashion, though, the lesbian feminist refrained from carrying out her threat. And, hopefully because of the gravity of the event and the potential presence of more serious violence elsewhere, the police did not arrest her, as they almost certainly would have if a male of one political persuasion threatened to punch a female of another one. Along with her fellow lesbian misfits, the blonde lesbian SJW then proceeded to falsely call Roosh a “rapist,” despite earlier refusing to give her name.

There is a probably a good reason why the girl did not identify herself. After all, she could very well be aware that female author S. Jane Gari ran into a lot of trouble this year for making a similar spurious allegation, where litigation is pending. Conveniently, for a group that falsely called Roosh a rapist, the blonde lesbian SJW and her friends did a great job of deliberately hanging around him. So much for trigger warnings and the need for personal safety from supposedly big, bad men.

Tellingly, like a bunch of mollycoddled kindergarteners, their libelous song of “rapist” quickly fizzled when they did not get the reaction they desired. In a world where fake rape accusations usually make a man drag a pretend tail through his knees, Roosh presented an example that others can follow. He simply lapped up the attempted taunts of the lesbian SJWs and their feminized male companions. The SJWs were subsequently stunned and distraught at his indifference. Bear in mind, too, that Roosh is a man who has been literally hounded, slandered and/or hunted by mayors of major metropolises like Toronto and Montreal, weak-minded celebrities like Jemaine Clement, mobs of bar-goers, and hundreds of newspapers.

London, Ontario Arabic Newspaper investigated by police for possible hate speech

Following a complaint by B’nai Brith Canada about al-Saraha – a London, Ontario Arab newspaper which published an article denying that six million Jews were murdered during the Holocaust and accusing Jews of spreading homosexuality, prostitution and corruption – London Police confirmed that hate crime investigators began a review of the contents of the article.

Police spokesperson Constable Chris Loizides said that his department is “reviewing the content to ensure whether it meets or does not [meet] criteria under the Criminal Code of Canada to be a Criminal Code offence… We have to see, is this free speech or is a Criminal Code Offence? Does it promote hatred or does it incite hatred? That determination needs to be made.” Constable Loizies also told the London Free Press that police will get an “independent translation” of the article as part of their investigation.

According to B’nai Brith, al-Saraha is recommended as the go-to source of news for new immigrants by the Ontario Government-funded London and Middlesex Local Immigration Partnership (LMLIP). Following the exposé, LMLIP co-chair Jill Tansley released a statement saying that their recommendation for the publication has been removed from their website. “The City of London and the London and LMLIP do not condone the racist and homophobic views. The LMLIP does not fund the newspaper in question.”

Michael Mostyn, CEO of B’nai Brith, welcomed the statement as a “positive step” and said that for two days he has been trying to reach the office of Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne who ran a full-page Ramadan greeting on behalf of the Liberal Caucus in the same issue where the Holocaust-denying article was published, but her office has not responded to Mostyn’s call.

Al-Saraha is just one of several Arab-language newspapers in Ontario that were exposed for publishing Holocaust-denying and anti-Semitic content, as well as articles and editorials openly supporting Palestinian terrorist attacks against Israelis.

Muslims force California school system to remove forced conversion of Hindus to Islam from history


Just like Muslims forced Hindus and Sikhs to convert to Islam in their homelands – or face death, supremacist Muslim groups and their abettors in the U.S. forced the California Board of Education to wipe their curriculum clean of forced conversions to Islam. It doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

Source: California curriculum may fan Islamophobia: Scholars – The Hindu

Ahead of the California Board of Education meeting on Thursday to consider the new school curriculum framework, a group 25 experts on Islam and Muslims societies have expressed concern over many references related to India,particularly the notion of forced conversions to Islam in the subcontinent.

The California Instructional Quality Commission has proposed a draft for the consideration of the Board.

“We are concerned that conversations surrounding the historical identity, contributions and legacy of Muslims have taken place without due input from qualified scholars with expertise in history and religion relating to Islam and Muslim societies,” the scholars said.

Among them are John L. Esposito, Professor of Religion and International Affairs and of Islamic Studies, Georgetown University; William Albert Graham, Jr., Albertson Professor of Middle Eastern Studies, Harvard University; Dr. Hatem Bazian, co-founder and Professor of Islamic Law and Theology, Zaytuna College; Jonathan Brown, Professor and Chair of Islamic Civilization, Georgetown University.

The scholars said the statement in the proposed curriculum framework that “sometimes Turkish Muslim leaders forced Hindus to convert, but at other times rulers practiced religious toleration” should be deleted.

Robert Spencer weighs in on the Saudi-funded Islamophiles, California removes “Islamophobic” contents from syllabus

Harvard and Georgetown and probably the others are heavily Saudi-funded and thoroughly compromised.

“These edits comprised of painting Islamic history in the Indian subcontinent as one of forced conversions, and projecting Islam as an inherently war-mongering religion.” Historian Koenraad Elst says: “Since about 1920 an effort has been going on in India to rewrite history and to deny the millennium-long attack of Islam on Hinduism.” Elst quotes the American historian Will Durant, who wrote in the days before the present-day politically correct stranglehold: “The Islamic conquest of India is probably the bloodiest story in history.”

“The hearing witnessed a large turnout from the American Muslim community, who were motivated by the desire to ensure that their faith was not misrepresented in order to serve an Islamophobic and Hindu supremacist narrative.” It sounds as if the Board of Education conducted this hearing in a highly intimidating atmosphere.

“It is ironic that while publicly claiming to seek a fair portrayal of Hinduism, Hindu nationalist organizations expended considerable resources in order to inject Islamophobia into the California curriculum.” This is projection: in reality, Islamic groups expend considerable resources to whitewash Islam in public school textbooks all over the country.

A small sampling of previous Creeping Sharia posts on Islam in India. Mirror the videos as Youtube also has a history of suppressing and removing the truth to protect Islam.

Black Lives Matter Terrorists Rejects Barbecue with Police: ‘I Eat Pigs, I Don’t Eat With Them’


The Oakland Police Department (OPD) extended an invitation to followers of the Black Lives Matter movement to participate in a barbecue to start a constructive dialogue between the two groups. However, the police were met with flat-out rejection by a spokesperson who referred to law enforcement as “pigs.”

“A BBQ is definitely not going to stop this blockade,” Karissa Lewis, a self-described “radical black farmer from East Oakland,” told local Fox affiliate KTVU. “And as a radical-black farmer from East Oakland, I eat pigs, I don’t eat with them,” she said.

According to KTVU, Lewis used the “mic-check call and response technique,” which was popularized at many of the Occupy protests, in order to rally support for her response from fellow protesters, who also rejected the offer. KTVU notes that “many of the activists, at least at this one protest, seemed to be in agreement with her about the offer.”

The OPD reportedly borrowed the idea for the BBQ from a similar one that had taken place in Wichita, Kansas following the murders of police officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Dallas, Texas.

Officer Aaron Moses, who was born and raised in Wichita and who attended the relationship-building BBQ, told CNN “I’ll never know what it’s like to grow up in a minority community. But I can try my hardest to serve them the best I can.”

A video of him dancing during a cookout with the group of Black Lives Matter activists went viral, prompting him to say “if I need to dance a little goofy and do the cha-cha slide to help people see that I’m a real person and that I do care and that I trust you, then that’s what I’m going to do.”

Meanwhile, Oakland Police have reportedly said that despite the protesters’ response, their offer remains open and that they are still willing to hold the BBQ at one of several locations.


Islamic Racism in Malaysia: Yuna: “I’ve faced more racism from my own race than from Americans”

Following the criticism that she recently faced for hugging fellow performer Usher onstage at a concert,Yuna has spoken up against all the discrimination and outrageous comments that have been thrown at her. These include “perempuan sampah” which literally means female trash in Malay.

Posting a photo of a 2014 Barney’s campaign in which she starred alongside another half-Malaysian model and a Punjabi couple, Yuna wrote that she had been worried that certain fans back home would launch into a fit upon seeing her pose with her neck exposed. However, she asserted that the stylists from Barney’s respected her religious practices and so let her wear a gorgeous shirt dress


The singer then shed some light on the irony of racist comments she has received: “Isn’t it weird, the biggest racism and discrimination that I’ve ever faced, was never from the Americans – it was from my own race. There I’ve said it. They call me ‘perempuan sampah’ and tell me to ‘might as well go naked’. The worst, hurtful & sexist things I’ve ever had thrown to me, were from the lips of the Malays.”