Pan-democrats to boycott new electoral form

Pan-democratic political parties said on Thursday that their candidates in September’s Legislative Council election will not sign a new controversial election form, even if it means they will be disqualified.

The so-called “confirmation form” was introduced by the Electoral Affairs Commission last week. It requires candidates to declare that they accept Hong Kong is part of China.

After a joint meeting of major pan-democratic parties, their leaders said they think the new form was a political screening tool.

“If we don’t say no to this kind of ultra vires that hasn’t got any legal basis, we will see one of the most important institution and core values being rubbed away by this confirmation form”, the Civic Party’s Dennis Kwok said.

He described as ridiculous, comments by the president of the Legislative Council, Tsang Yok-sing, that people who do not support the Basic Law should not take part in elections in Hong Kong.

“We have signed the [regular] nomination form as required by law to declare we uphold the Basic Law, that we pledge our allegiance to the HKSAR. So, we have fulfilled the legal requirements…what is there more to do?” Kwok asked.

Kwok, who has submitted his nomination to seek re-election as the legal sector’s representative in the council, said he has written to the Registration and Elections Office asking it to explain if there is any reason to believe that his nomination is invalid.

Kwok told RTHK’s Damon Pang it was unusual for candidates not to have their nominations confirmed even days after they had been submitted.

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