Canadian Imam: Teen-preacher who calls for jihad to destroy Israel “a hero”


Mazin AbdulAdhim, a prominent Imam of Iraqi descent in London, Ontario who is affiliated with the radical Islamic global movement of Hizb ut-Tahrir, once again praises the young Jordanian preacher who called on the Muslim nation to launch jihad to liberate Palestine and prayed to Allah to annihilate the Jews the “enemies of humanity.”

The following are excerpts from Mazin AbdulAdhim’s Facebook posting on July 18, 2016:

The young hero of this Ummah [Muslim nation], a voice of courage and strength, our brother Abdul-Aziz Al-Sayfi, has been arrested by the Jordanian tyrant…

He has been persecuted for his outspoken stance towards the liberation of Al-Aqsa, calling the army of Jordan to stand up and fulfill their duty to the Ummah in Palestine, exposing their betrayal, cowardice, and subservience to the enemies of Islam…

The tyrants of Jordan originally arrested his father in order to silence him. But in this video he says “You can go ahead and arrest my father, my family, and everyone I know, and you can arrest me – and I am a child – but nothing will silence this voice except death.” So, they have now arrested him.

May Allah (swt) protect and reward this young mountain of courage, and humiliate those who seek to silence the truth…

May the victory of Allah (swt) come soon, and may we see more voices like the voice of this young hero within our Ummah.”

To watch the latest video clip featuring the teen-preacher click here.

In a previous Facebook posting on June 25, 2016, Mazin AbdulAdhim depicted the Jordanian child preacher a “courageous voice of the Ummah [Muslim nation]” and a “giant of a man” who was “speaking the truth.” He accused the “cowards and the ignorant” in the Muslim nation of being “frightened of what the tyrants might say” and just “want to keep the corrupt situation unchanged.”

The child preacher Abd Al-Aziz Al-Sayifi takes over the pulpit of mosques in Jordan and recites standard antisemitic and Jihadi texts, criticizing Arab rulers for not liberating the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The following are excerpts from Al-Sayifi’s sermons as documented by MemriTV:

[The Jews] sometimes claim that they are searching for their temple. They are plundering a land that is not theirs. Worse still, the extremest Zionists are now openly speaking about dividing rh Al-Aqsa Mosque in terms of space and times of prayer.

Jerusalem is crying for help: Oh Arabs! Oh Muslim!”… We expect the Arabs and Muslims to adopt a more powerful stand in defence of Jerusalem and to devise a strategic plan to resist Zionist policies. We must preserve the resources of the Islamic nation, its ideology, its ulema [scholars]…

[Those who do not like] to climb mountains will forever live in pits, but the Arabs and Islamic peoples like to climb mountains and refuse to live in pits. I’m telling you, brothers, Palestine will not be liberated through negotiations but through jihad and struggle. Jerusalem lives on in the hearts of every Jordanian man and woman, and in the hearts of every Muslim man and woman.

[The Jews] are the enemies of all humanity, so Allah sentenced them to [inaudible].They spread corruption in the land, and Allah does not like those who spread corruption. Where are the ulema [scholars] of the nation? Where are the armies? Where are its young people? Where are its men? Where are the Muslims?

Oh Allah, annihilate the Jews and those who help them and those who stand by them! Oh Allah,

liberate our land. Oh Allah, free our prisoners. Oh Allah, protect the mujahideen [Muslims who wage war against infidels in the name of Islam] and the [Muslim] fighters.

And I, Abd Al-Aziz Al-Sayfi, would like to congratulate and salute you. Peace be upon you, and may Allah’s mercy and blessings be upon you.”

To watch the video click here.

Hizb ut-Tahrir’s leaflet in Toronto calls for the establishment of the Caliphate

CIJnews obtained a leaflet distributed in Toronto by activists affiliated with Hizb ut-Tahrir, a radical Islamic global organization which “to revive the Islamic Ummah [nation]… to liberate it from the thoughts, systems and laws of Kufr [heresy]… [and] also aims to restore the Islamic Khilafah [Islamic] State so that the ruling by what Allah (swt) revealed returns.”

The following is the transcript of the leaflet that was handed to participants of al-Quds Day in Toronto on July 26, 2014:

Gaza Is Bleeding! Where are the Muslim armies?

“Over the past few weeks we have witnessed a ruthless assault launched by the criminal Zionist entity on Gaza. The terrorist state fired upon the civilian population of Gaza with all kinds of devastating weaponry, with women and children being the primary victims of this brutality. This savagery has also resulted in the destruction of homes, turning them into mass graves for their residents while the few survivors are met with missiles as they try to escape from the rubble. Not even mosques, hospitals or facilities for the disabled were spared from this criminal assault. This has resulted in over 140,000 residents being displaced, over 800 martyred, including at least 155 children.

“And what has been the response of the surrounding Muslim regimes?

“Absolutely pathetic! The best of them opens the border crossings for the wounded, in a sense saying: ‘if you are nearly dead then you are welcome, but if you are alive then go back to the slaughter!’ Others have promised monetary aid. Can the people of Gaza use the currency notes to deflect the bombs falling on their heads?!

“The only way to stop the slaughter is for tanks to be deployed against tanks, aircrafts against aircrafts and warships against warships: the people of Gaza need armies to defend them. Just as paper currencies will do little to safeguard the fragile bodies of our children, neither will boycotting the Zionist entity stop the slaughter. The Zionist entity is a strategic asset in the hands of the colonial powers. If it were to go bankrupt, the colonial powers would bail it out just as they bailed out the banks!

“The real solution is, therefore, to work to remove the regimes, which are the obstacles preventing the Muslim armies from performing their fard (obligation) of protecting their brothers, sisters, parents and children in the land of lsra wal Mi’raj. Allah (swt) revealed:

“And if they seek help of you for the Deen, then you must help” TMQ 8:21

“And indeed Allah (swt) will hold these armies accountable on the Day of Judgment as they could have stopped this bloodshed if they wanted!

“Consequently, we must work to replace the current regimes with a sincere leadership that will unleash the collective resources of the Ummah to liberate Palestine and end the brutal occupation. The Arab countries surrounding Palestine have sufficient force to liberate the usurped land, and end the oppression of the people – with over 2 million soldiers, spending over $100 billion on arms annually. Egypt alone has over 200 F-16 fighter planes and 450,000 soldiers.

“O Muslims! The only shield that Allah (swt) prescribed for us is the imam. Muslim narrated from Abu Hurayrah (ra) that the Prophet (saw) said:

“Indeed, the Imam is a shield, you are protected by him and fight from behind him.”

“Until this shield is in place, we will unfortunately continue to witness the slaughter and oppression of our brothers and sisters in the blessed land of Bait ul Maqdis and elsewhere. We must therefore work with all our strength to remove these treacherous regimes and replace them with the Khilafah Rashida.


“TALK 1 “Gaza: When will the suffering stop?”

“TALK 2 “How do we recognize the Khilafah Rashida Saturday August 9th 2:30PM to 4:30PM Bank of Montreal Room, Living Arts Centre, Mississauga

“Hizb ut-Tahrir Canada

To download the leaflet click here.

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