Canadian Imam prays for the Islamization of Spain, Canada

Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick is a Canadian historian, social activist and religious leader of African and Native American descent, who learned Islamic Studies at the Islamic University of Madinah, Saudi Arabia and completed his MA and PhD in history at the History Department of the University of Toronto.

According to his official website, Quick has served as a special advisor to the Toronto Board of Education, the Ontario Science Centre and the Royal Ontario Museum as well as a regular columnist in the religion page of The Toronto Star. He was also a guest lecturer at York University (Toronto) and McGill University and a member of the Chaplains Association of the University of Toronto.

He has developed and facilitated workshops and training sessions for diverse organizations such as Children’s Aid Society, Metropolitan Toronto School Boards, Family Service Association of Metro Toronto, Canadian Museums Association, Canadian Institute for International Affairs, the Canadian Churches Forum for Global Ministries, Elementary Teachers Association of York Region, Metro Toronto School for the Deaf and the Scarborough Public Library Board.

For over ten years, Quick was the Director of the Islamic Social Services and Resources Association.Currently, Quick is residing in Toronto, Canada and is the Head of the History Department of Al Maghrib Institute and the Director of Outreach for the Canadian Council of Imams.

On July 18, 2016 Abdullah Hakim Quick posted on Facebook the following:

Al Hamdulillah, we’re back in Córdoba, Spain. May Almighty Allah one day enable Spanish people to return to Islam in crowds!

A short video clip featuring Abdullah Hakim Quick accompanied the Facebook posting:

We’ve reached the Jami’ Mosque of Córdoba, one of the wonders of the world which still is shining in its glory. You go inside and you see the contrast between the cathedral and themasjid [mosque] and you’ll see forms of shirk [polytheism] you’ll see idolatry.

But the mihrab [a niche in the wall of a mosque, at the point nearest to Mecca, toward which the congregation faces to pray] is there. This is a standing miracle and in in this, near the end [verse 23] of Surah [chapter] al-Hajar [in the Quran]:

He is Allah , other than whom there is no deity, the Sovereign, the Pure, the Perfection, the Bestower of Faith, the Overseer, the Exalted in Might, the Compeller, the Superior. Exalted is Allah above whatever they associate with Him.”

Glory be to Allah. He is above all of their polytheism and shirk [polytheism]. So that miracle is still here. Muslims are coming, Praise be to Allah, from all parts of the world, and we pray that Allah would help this Ummah [Muslim nation] to change and get itself together and return to its form of greatness.”

To watch the video click here.

The goal of “re-liberating” Spain is shared by all major Islamic organizations from Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood, Qaeda to the Islamic State (a.k.a IS, ISIS, ISIL, Daesh, Caliphate).

Yunes Al-Astal, a senior spiritual leader of Hamas, explained in a sermon broadcast on Hamas’ Al-Aqsa channel, long-term goals of Hamas:

“Very soon, by the will of Allah, Rome will be conquered, as Constantinople was conquered, and this will be in keeping with the prophecy of our Prophet Muhammad. Today Rome is the capital city of the Catholics, or the capital city of the Crusaders, which has declared its hostility to Islam and planted the brothers of the apes and the pigs [Jews] in Palestine to prevent the awakening of Islam. This capital city will become a springboard of the Islamic conquests that will spread throughout Europe, and from there will turn toward the two continents of America and also toward Eastern Europe.”

The worldwide Islamic revolution and the conquest of Rome as a symbol of the aspiration to defeat Christianity and Western civilization are fundamental to the ideological platform of the Muslim Brotherhood, the parent movement of Hamas. This ambition is also evident in the words of Dr. Subhi al-Yaziji, a Hamas member and dean of Koran studies at the Islamic University in Gaza, in an interview with the Al-Aqsa channel on May 25, 2012:

“The conquest of Andalusia [Spain] is an old dream, something that the Muslims proudly hope for and will continue to hope for in the future….We put our hope and our trust in Allah that one day our victory will not be limited to Palestine. Our hopes go beyond this to the raising of the symbol of the caliphate over the Vatican, today’s Rome, and this in keeping with the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad: “Constantinople will be conquered and after that Rome.”

In 2003, Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, an Egyptian Islamic theologian, and the President of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, issued an Islamic ruling assuring that, despite the pessimism among Muslims, Islam will definitely prevail and eventually become master of the entire world. One of the signs of Islamic victory will be the conquest of the Italian capital, Rome, by the Muslims. Occupying Europe and defeating Christianity will become possible, according to al- Qaradawi, with the spread of Islam inside Europe until it becomes strong enough to take over the whole continent.

Al-Qaradawi asserts that “the signs of salvation are absolute, numerous, and as plain as day, indicating that the future belongs to Islam and that Allah’s religion will defeat all other religions.” He relies on ancient Islamic traditions quoting the Prophet Muhammad, who allegedly argued that the conquest of Constantinople (Istanbul) and then Romia (Rome) are considered signs of the victory of Islam.

Abdullah Hakim Quick: “Inuit people are bracing Islam” – The end goal is Islamization of the Canadian society and establishment of the Caliphate

On May 12, 2011, Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick and Dr. Reda Bedeir addressed Canadian Muslim high school students at Al-Rashid Mosque in Edmonton on the obligation upon every Muslim to take an active part in Dawa (propagating Islam) in order to spread the word of Islam in the society.

The event was facilitated by Mustafa Khattab, the Imam of Al-Rashid Mosque, and was sponsored by AlMaghrib Institute. Al-Rashid Mosque has three subsidiaries: The Edmonton Islamic Academy (formerly Edmonton Islamic School), Al Rashid Youth & Sports Club and the Islamic Funeral Society.

In his speech Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick focused on the achievements of the Dawa activities worldwide that alongside with the demographic factor raised significantly the number of Muslims in the West and bringing more Westerners to embrace Islam. According to Quick, the fruits of the successful Dawa are also seen in Canada, where the Inuit people in the far north started converting to Islam.

Quick explained to the Muslim students that Dawa is a duty that applies to all Muslims and a key to reach the end goal, which is the establishment of the Caliphate that follows the guidance of Prophet-hood. He called upon them to spread the message of Islam in order to gradually Islamize the society, and in his words: “so the people of the soil itself accept Islam.”

The following are selected excerpts from Quick’s speech which bears the title: “Dawa in time of crisis and hardship”:

“Part of the reality that we are recognizing, those of us who have been blessed to travel, to visit Muslims in different places, Islam is now rising at an amazing rate. What is happening now is unprecedented in our history.”

“I recently I was in Australia, and there in Australia, the chief of an Aboriginal tribe in the City of Melbourne came to us, they are the original people who lived in Australia, and they are bracing Islam now. The Maury people known in New Zealand are also bracing Islam. There are people in Greece, in Poland, in Norway, in Sweden, in places that we never thought possible, embracing Islam.”

Quiet as it’s kept, right here in Canada we have information now, and we are getting calls from Inuvik to the north of you, and Iqaluit in Nunavut province, that the Inuit people are bracing Islam as well.”

“This is a change, this is a change, and recently we had some Muslims in Toronto [coming] from France, you know, the French Muslims are under tremendous pressure. They won’t let you wear the veil, they don’t want sisters to cover their hair, they pressurize Muslims so much to live in France, and we try to see why they are pressurizing Muslims.”

“Why they are afraid of Muslims who are praying, they’re fasting. When they’re practising Islam they stop taking drugs, they stop robbing stores, they become honest. What are they afraid of?”

“The reality is, in France right now 30% of children of people under 20 years old are Muslims. One in every three in France. In Paris and Marseille, two large cities, 45% of the people under 20 years old are Muslims. 45%!”

“In Belgium, in Holland, they looked at the hospitals, and they did a census in the hospitals, they found that 50% of the babies born in Holland and Belgium are Muslims. 50%. One in every two children born in hospitals in Belgium and in Holland.”

“Also, we find that in the UK just a few decades ago, 30 years ago, the population of Muslims was about 82,000, now it’s 2.5 millions. That’s in 30 years. 2.5 millions. Germany – Muslims are 16%, Russia Muslims are 20%.”

“That’s a good thing, especially for those who believe in God, those who respect Jesus and Mary, may Allah be please with them, that’s a good thing for those who pray, for those who fast.”

“But, there is another element in society who are not happy, they are not happy of this, because the more people who embrace Islam means there are less people who drink alcohol, there are less people who are taking drugs, there are less people who will be involved in fornication and adultery, there are less people who will go the casino and so it can become a problem, the money will go down.”

“So, for this minority of people, who are controlling many things in our society, it is not a good sign. So they, because they control the media, they also pressurize us and try to give a negative picture of a Muslim.”

“And some people said: well it’s a difficult time. Look the names that they are calling us. They say: you are fundamentalists, or they say: you’re Islamists, they make up every month, and they put new words and make up things and try to make movies. They have a whole set of movies, where the bad guys became the Muslims. This is a brainwashing program in order to put fear in the hearts of the people, to be afraid to accept the very way of life that will save them, save them from polytheism, save them from drugs, save them from alcoholism, save them from racism and confusion.”

On the second part of the event Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick answered questions raised by the audience. Here are excerpts of his answers:

“We can say, Praise to God, [that] we are coming out of it [the crisis] now, we actually on our way back up, you can see what happened in Tunisia, Tahrir Square, in many places around the Muslim world now people are waking up, and we are on our way up, God Willing, to the original thing which, God Willing, will be Caliphate that follows the guidance of Prophet-hood (خلافة على منهاج النبوة) to return to the proper Islam and Prophet-hood (نبوة)…”

“The bottom line for Muslims today is really to revive Islam, and it’s so important to us to get the message across to the Canadian people, to the people of this land, because only when the people of the land themselves understood the message historically and the message was able to flourish in this land, so our masjids [mosques] to great extent, I’m not necessarily know the situation here.”

Many of our masjids [mosques] were just built to protect us, to keep our Islam, now we have to share the good aspects of Islam with the public, so the people of the soil itself accept Islam and then, God Willing, you will see a different relationship with the country itself.

“Many of our young people are also growing up, children of the soil of the land itself as well, and so it is really that revival of Islam need to be positive, you know, and to go forward. It may appear negative in some ways, but this is the process we are going through.”

It’s a storming process, it’s like a giant who is sleeping and he wakes up. The first few minutes he is a little bit crock, he is not sure which way to go, but now he’s starting to wake up and that’s really what the Ummah [Islamic Nation] is now waking up, and God Willing sooner you will see the result coming through.”

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