Personal trainer claims he was dropped from Loose Women for ‘refusing to take my top off’

A personal trainer has levelled accusations of sexism against TV chat show Loose Women after he claims he was axed because he refused to strip live on TV.

Daniel Wheeler has said he was originally booked to appear on the show to talk about how he lost eight stone in two years and set up his business.

But the founder of Life Changing Fitness claimed ITV producers treated him like a “bit of meat” after asking him to do a topless catwalk.

The 30 year-old told the Daily Mirror: “When I declined they carried on pushing and I agreed to lift my top and show my abs.

“But I still wasn’t comfortable. So I called them back and told them.

“They asked if they could film me working out topless and I said no. Then they emailed me and I had been dropped.

“I felt objectified as a man. It’s double standards – can you imagine if it was Top Gear and Katie Price was dropped for refusing to tale her top off?”



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